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May 18, 2008 12:08 PM

Ocean City, MD First Timer

Hey going down to Ocean city for a week in June and never have been there before. Please any recommendations greatly appreciated. Any cuisine type welcome, but special interest in seafood/crab shacks, (heard that Crabcake Factory USA is the place for crabcakes, Captain's Galley II for an all around great meal and PGN Crab House is the place for crab) BBQ, (hearing a lot about Nick's Original House of Ribs, but also reading about Smoker's BBQ Pit, and J.R.’s) and buffets. Also would love to know about places that sell bushels of crab to go to bring back to my room for a relaxed evening.

Everything else I would love to know about, boardwalk places that don’t really rob you and local places, even bars and clubs.

Appreciate Everything

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  1. -Thrasher's fries on the Boardwalk
    -Bull on the Beach, go to the one on the boardwalk, it has more atmosphere.
    -Fisher's popcorn, not sure of the street, but the best popcorn anywhere, try the white cheese flavor, absolutely the best!
    -Carousel Hotel Breakfast Buffet, the best deal around and really good food, great for kids.
    -DO NOT go to the restaurant that is trying to look like an Olive Garden. I think it is called the Olive Tree or something. It has the exact same sign and colors as the Olive garden and is absolutely awful.
    -Someone might tell you Phillips, but I would recommend driving North on the main street and going to the little crab shacks for seafood. The Phillips'(there are several) are just way too pricey and have a creepy, dark atmosphere.

    1. Yes, you want to go to the Captain's Galley in West Ocean City, I really like their crab cakes. Then for Italian you need to try Adolfo's and its near the pier at the end of the boardwalk. Also you need to forget Phillips, its a tourist trap. I like Liquid Assets for drinks and starters. I love the velvet sofa to hang out and sip martinis. And they have an amazing cheese sampler. Also Liquid Assets has a great selection of wines and liquor for sale.


      1. Personally I'm not fan of OC, but have to go there every year for a conference or two. I highly recommend Tequilla Mockingbird. You didn't ask about mexican food, but it's really good. Do a google, you'll find the address, but it's on the northern end of OC. I hear Nick's and JR's bbq is good, never been there. I basically just go to whatever is around and cheap... it's all crap anyway!

        1. I've been going since I was a kid, here's my list of places we hit every time:

          Higgins Crab House (131st and 32nd st) Many all-you-can-eat specials

          Dumser's Ice Cream (multiple locations)- mint-chocolate chip milkshake is to die for. Also has burgers, fries, etc. 50's style ice cream parlor. My dad's family used to own an ice-cream shop and this was his fav place.

          General's Kitchen (72nd st)- breakfast, but go on a weekday if you can, there's a super long line on weekends. Get the creamed chipped beef.

          Caruso's pizza (south boardwalk-Somerset St) I am a pizza fanatic and this is the best in OC. Not the best ever, but the best in OC.

          Thrasher's fries (about a block south of Caruso's) Caruso's usually lets you bring fries in so you can enjoy them with your pizza. Warning: Thrasher's does not have ketchup. Vinegar only. They are better that way.

          Fisher's Popcorn (multiple locations, some on boardwalk) Get some to take home too. Lasts for weeks, not that you won't eat it all before then.

          Subs: Billy's (118th st), Tommy's (29th st)

          Anthony's (33rd st) Used to have really huge sandwiches, but I haven't been recently.

          This last trip we discovered Bagels N Buns (71st st). They deliver EVERYTHING. Breakfast, lunch, dinner. Breakfast was awesome from there.

          casual waterfront (bayside) dining: Fager's Island (60th st), Macky's (53rd st)

          Boardwalk dining: Shenanigan's (4th st-boardwalk) Fun for having a beer outside and watching the ocean and people on the boardwalk.

          I've lived in MD all of my life and I'm insanely picky with crabcakes. I haven't found any I like in OC.

          Seacrets (49th st) Tourist trap, but worth going to. The only other one is in Jamaica. Get a dirty banana (drink). You can also float in the bay in an inner tube and they will bring your drinks to you.

          If you plan on drinking at your place, bring your beer, etc from home. Liquor/beer/wine prices are literally double once you get in OC. (We actually drove to DE once to buy stuff).

          Stay away from Phillips (in OC or anywhere else). Way overrated.

          Here's a pretty inclusive list with phone #s:

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            I agree with carey24 on most of these... I also like Lombardi's pizza (94th St I think) and they also have good Cheesesteaks. I also like the Bayside Skillet for breakfast/brunch. Love Dumser's Ice Cream, but also the food is decent at the one on the north side (120th St??). Of course, Fractured Prune donuts are a big hit... there are several locations now. I've had decent crabcakes here and there, but it seems to change each year.

          2. Based on many years of OC exerience i would advise as follows:
            -- there is little fine dining, so do NOT spend a fortune looking for it.
            -- Phillips indeed should be avoided
            -- Smokers BBQ in West OC is good
            -- Try Fishers carmel popcorn
            -- Have drink at sunset at Fager's island, but avoid their food
            -- For steamed crab take away try Bahama Mommas
            -- Mancini's Italian in Fenwick is OK
            -- Liquid Assets is good for food and drink


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              Galaxy is great for fine dining. Beautiful space, innovative menu, & really nice, boutique wine list.