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May 18, 2008 12:06 PM

Ocean City, MD First Timer

Hey going down to Ocean city for a week in June and never have been there before. Please any recommendations greatly appreciated. Any cuisine type welcome, but special interest in seafood/crab shacks, (heard that Crabcake Factory USA is the place for crabcakes, Captain's Galley II for an all around great meal and PGN Crab House is the place for crab) BBQ, (hearing a lot about Nick's Original House of Ribs, but also reading about Smoker's BBQ Pit, and J.R.’s) and buffets. Also would love to know about places that sell bushels of crab to go to bring back to my room for a relaxed evening.

Everything else I would love to know about, boardwalk places that don’t really rob you and local places, even bars and clubs.

Appreciate Everything

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  1. Capt's galley is the best crab cake around!
    Crabcake factory used pacific rim crab, not md blue crab; but they are ok, not authentic.
    the Crab Bag uptown is amazing.

    Smokers is great! not a full on restaurant like JR's or Nicks, but better then them.
    Crabs to go on 589 might have bushels, they have great crabs.

    Faustos on the b-walk, 12th st, good view, good basic italian.

    everyone has to try Seacrets - It's an experience in itself.
    Have fun in OC!

    1. Hooper's is a great restaurant for seafood. You can also get a beer & bring the cup back for additional beers that are about $2 or so. They have a big restaurant and a tiki type of place there. Very good. You also must get Fisher's Popcorn on the boardwalk, hot and fresh. There are a ton of places that have $2 beer specials, $5.00 lunches, etc. MD is a much more affordable vacation than NJ is. There is a place in Ocean Pines (right up the road) called "The Vineyard" that has a very good happy hour & an incredible brunch on Sunday (or the entire weekend, not sure) for $10.95 a person. Please, take me with you!!!!!!!

      1. Thank you for all your help, leaving on saturday and will defiently check out the sugegstions.

        all the best