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May 18, 2008 12:01 PM

On the Strip/Asian

We are looking for Chinese/ Cantonese/Dim Sum restaurant on the strip. I have read mixed reviews about the following restaurants, but would love to know what the recs from chowhounders are? We are 2 couples and are willing to go on the pricier end. We will go anywhere on the strip.

Here is what I have looked into:

Shanghai Lilly -Mandalay Bay
Jade -Pallazzo
Jasmine-Bellagio-The best reviews I read was about Jasmine.
Wing Lei-Wynn
Red 8-Wynn


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  1. I don't know about dim sum, but I had a very enjoyable meal at Pearl at the MGM Grand.

    1. I ate at Jasmine several years ago and was not particularly impressed. We have eaten several times at the Chinese restaurant at Ballys (the name has changed, so I'm not sure what it is) and have always been pleased. Generally when we eat there, we are the only Caucasians in the restaurant, and I always think that is a good sign.

      1. Jasmine may be good but the prices are totally out of line. I thought the dim sum at Royal Star at the Venetian was pricey when they were around, but that was nothing compared to Jasmine. It's not like there aren't any alternatives, with Spring Mountain Road just a couple of miles away.