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Nespresso coffee machines!

I am considering purchasing a Nespresso coffee machine. I am well aware of the important limitation that they only can use Nespresso coffee, nevertheless the wonderful convenience and styling of these machines is winning me over. Nespresso coffee seems pretty good to me...but it really is limiting not to be able to use other coffees...but I love the machines. Does anyone out there have a Nespresso machine...and what do you think of it?

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  1. we have an Essenza and have had it for two years. This is the basic least expensive machine. I also sell Nespresso's in my store.

    I like mine alot. It's a pod espresso machine so understand that and if you prefer the art of making espresso it's not for you. We are pleased with the consistency in the quality of the pods. We order the Arpeggio(purple pod) and the Intense decaf(dark orange/red). It's held up well. It's quick and easy and again makes a consistent shot that's better than what most of the low end nonpod machines make.

    I don't know that i'd spend hundreds on a nespresso machine but for $200 am really pleased with the one I have.

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      Actually the Essenza C100 is the model I was thinking about getting. I also noted that Consumer Reports rates this machine very highly. Are you happy with the quality of the coffee?

      Thanks for your comments.

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        I also have the entry level machine and I love it. The coffee tastes the same from any of their machines. If their coffee produces an exceptional cup of coffee, and you are happy with it, what difference does it make if it won't take other brands of capsules? I love the Roma, Ristretto and the Decaf Intenso ones. The coffee tastes awesome. I use an Aerolatte to froth warm milk for a cappuccino.

    2. I have had a Nespresso for a couple of years, and I feel that the espresso that it makes is way above average, and is better than most espresso that you get. It has a lovely head of crema. However, when making a cappuccino, I feel it is best to use a smallish coffee mug and a double espresso in order to have the right level of coffee. I think the cup of espresso is quite small, which cleaves to the true Italian version of espresso...

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        I just got back from a demonstration by a Nespresso rep at Williams Sonoma and learned that you can program your machine to create as large (unconcentrated) or small (concentrated) cup of espresso as you'd like. Simply hold the button down and let go when it's as you like it.

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          Yes...actually you have two programming choices even on the least expensive Essenza machine which I have and like quite well. You can simply hold down the dispensing button to manually adjust the amount of water in each cup of coffee, or you can reprogram either of the two buttons which are preprogrammed at the factory for a standard espresso (40 ml) or a lungo (10 ml...I think). If you reprogram either button, you can also easily return to the factory defaults. It's really a pretty nifty machine. The only drawback with the Nespresso system, is that of course you are litmited to using their coffee, which really isn't bad.

          The Aeroccino milk heater/frother which is available either separately, or bundled with some of the machines is also pretty nifty. Works like a charm!

      2. I have a senseo.. one of the reasons I purchased it over the other pod machines (aside from the fact that you can currently get a senseo for $15) was the after market devices you can use so that you don't have to use only the pods. I use a "coffee duck" with mine, make espresso using the coffee duck -that's pretty darned good. Ilove that I can switch back and forth from pods to ground coffee at a whim.

        I don't know if similar devices are available for the Nespresso - but perhaps you can put that in the equation before purchasing one.

        1. I have two Nespresso machines, one in main house and one in vacation home. I bought the Cube, works great. I also bought two of the frothing cups, they work well in making a foaming type coffee drink. I normally stock all the different coffee types for guest at the vacation home, many guests have ended up buying the same machine for their homes.

          I would recommend these for anyone that wants a consistant product every time with little hassle and cleanup. Buying the pods is very easy and Nespresso has a wide variety of available coffee's.

          1. We've had one for about 8 months and use it every day. No complaints, easy and above average result.

            1. We've had one for about four years. I'm very happy with the consistently good quality of

              Have you tried it yet? At most Williams-Sonoma stores, they have a model set up so that they can demo how it works and you can try the results. There are a total of about 12 coffee choices. the espresso. It's not the best espresso I've ever had, but it is consistently very good.

              And for first thing in the morning, this is the most important thing to me. It is easy to make when I am still half asleep and very tidy in operation. When I had earlier espresso machines, I frequently made a mess either by spilling beans, spilling freshly ground coffee. Making great espresso truly is an art. I am clear that I have settled for less than the absolute best, but I settled for day to day good consistency...

              We use arpeggio and decaf intenso capsules the most. If you find some you like, you are set. If you don't, then it wouldn't be good for you. I wouldn't buy one without making sure I liked the output.

              Hope this helps!

              1. After seeing all of the positive posts about the Nespresso system, I broke down and bought a fairly basic Essenza automatic machine (Swiss-made) which seems to work perfectly. The coffee has an excellent crema, and the few blends I've tried so far are quite good. They included a milk frothing gadget (the Aerocinno) in the package, and this too seems to work great to steam milk for a cappucine. So far so good...seems like this system is a keeper!

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                  I bought the "cube" version from Williams-Sonoma about a year ago. I absolutely love it. I don't own any of the accessories as I'm only using it for espresso. I don't think any of the other "pod-type" coffee makers can put out the pressure that this thing can. It's the high pressure that gives you an authentic crema.

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                    Agree. The pressure must be the trick. All of the Nespresso's put out the same pressure. I bought the very basic Essenza automatic and the crema is as good as it gets. Also, the Aerocino that is now available in a package with the machines, makes excellent hot frothy milk in a jif. I'm very pleased.

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                      Yes, I was comparing all Nespresso machines to the "other pod" machines, ie. Tassimo, etc.

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                        I bought one recently for a shared office space because we were sick of the mediocre cafeteria coffee.

                        So far so good, the espresso is about as good as you'll ever get from a pod machine, with 100% consistent results.... nice crema, perfect extraction, no hint of bitterness. 19 bars of pressure with no "fake" crema like the Saeco pressurized portafilters. I'm curious how the guts of the machine look inside. How does such a small thing produce so much pressure?

                        The aerocino works pretty well too, surprised no one came up with this sooner.

                        So far I haven't read a singly negative review yet, so this is a definite winner.

                        1. re: doctorandchef

                          A friend was telling me how much they are enjoying their nespresso. I'm thinking might be a good suggestion for Santa.
                          I was wondering though, and forgive me to all you coffee pros out there, but does this machine also make regular coffee? I'm not a huge espresso drinker but I do enjoy lattes and cappacino's. In the morning though, I just want a regular coffee - or is espresso and coffee one and the same, only stronger? Please help the coffee neophyte....thanks all.

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                            The Nespresso is not really designed to make anything but espresso. Apparently you can program the machine to make bigger cups, but you're still stuck using espresso and lungo pods that are designed for smaller cup sizes.

                            If you want regular coffee, you may want to consider another pod machine. I have a Keurig and think it works pretty well. There is a huge variety of pods from multiple companies and if you don't like the selection, you can always get the attachment to use regular grounds or the holster to use other pods. That said, it does not do well making espresso.

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                              I'm also in the market for a Nespresso, At home outfitter there is a promotion going on a 2 models of Nespresso. The Cube with includes the aeroccino and the Concept C190 (no aerocinno) the different in price is $50 (for the C190). Which model should i get? Does the Aeroccinno work better than the steam wand on the concept models?

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                                I have the Essenza Automatic (C100) + Aerocinno which I like very much. I considered buying the Cube, but it was much more expensive, and really has no significant advantages over the more compact and I think neater looking Essenza. The Aerocinno works very well and produces better foamed milk than most smaller espresso/capuccino machines. I am very happy with this combination and for the price, it cannot be beat. But...make sure you like Nespresso coffee before you get a Nespresso machine! These machines are definitely a trade-off. You get nice design and ultimate convenience, but are limited by needing to use Nespresso coffee which is good, but not the best!

                2. I was at the Nespresso store in Montreal today and I am comparing the Romeo E350 and the Delongi Latissima EN680. Any opinions anyone?

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                    Well my pal bought as Romeo and I broke down and bought a Latissima!

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                      I have the very much less expensive Essenza machine and the Aerocino milk foamer which came with it. Both work perfectly and I can't imagine why anyone would buy a more expensive Nespresso machine. The Essensza is a terrific machine for the price. The limitations with Nespresso are not the machines...all are beautifully designed and work perfectly! The limitation is with the coffee. Nespresso coffee is pretty good, but not great. I can get a very good espresso with minimal effort from my lowest priced Nespresso machine. Yes, it is very good...but is it great? No. I am wondering, am I alone is being ok, but not overwhelmed with Nespresso?

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                        You aren't the only one. If you go back and read my comments from May 19, 2008 above, you'll find a kind of similar post.

                        Whenever I talk with people who are thinking about a Nespresso machine, I try to be as clear as possible that there is a trade-off in what you get- consistently good versus infrequently excellent.

                    2. I loved my Nespresso until I bought a Dolce Gusto. The quality of the espresso it makes is almost as good as the Nespresso, and the lattes and capps it makes are awesome. So many more varieties of drinks you can make with it. It's so easy to make a coffee house quality frothed milk drink with it. Takes just a few minutes with no cleanup, muss or fuss. Just takes putting two capsules in the machine. Check that out unless you just want a straight shot.

                      1. How does it compare to a decent-ish coffee place?
                        I drink Americano's (can't stand milk in coffee), and in the UK at least, Starbuck's Americano's don't count as decent.

                        Can someone grade for me the quality in a sliding scale from instant up to world-class?
                        Hopefully in references I'll understand...