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May 18, 2008 11:02 AM

Any foods you now like that you once hated?

This thread was inspired by the one on foods you liked that now turn you off.

As a kid I hated beets, they literally made me gag, but for decades now I've happily munched on them. I even make a mean borscht.

What about your dramatic turnaround(s) from "gack" to "yum"?

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  1. Broccoli, had an absolute fear of it, then one day thanks to a Healthy Choice frozen dinner, I thought, this isn't too bad. Now I try to eat it whenever possible. Still don't like stems though.

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    1. re: libgirl2

      I always find it funny how people don't like the stems. I love everything about broccoli but, to me, the stems are sweeter. If you eat them side by side, the flowerettes (or whatever you call them) are more bitter.

      Now, if you aren't peeling the stems before steaming therein lies the problem. They are a chewy, stringy mess if not peeled

      1. re: livetocook

        The ways of preparing broccoli is vast. And I agree with your assessment on the stems. Peel away the tough exterior, and you're left with succulent sweet stalks that you can sliver, slice, dice, puree, sautee, blanch, grill, ... running out of breath...

      2. re: libgirl2

        yep never EVER throw away those stems. I don't really peel the outsides, but I slice them up and throw them in with the florets. I think they have more flavor

        1. re: libgirl2

          Brocolli rabe. I hated it as a child. It was bitter and soggy -- at least the way my mother prepared it. There was some kind of old wives tale running around that boiling it first (to death) and then sauteeing in olive oil and garlic made it easier to digest -- with no gas. I then saw a neighbor plunge the wet fresh stalks into a hot pot of oil with garlic to saute them, and fell in love after tasting it. Still can't get my kid to eat it though...

          1. re: RGC1982

            Blanching rapini VERY quickly can make it less bitter though.

            I've always loved that vegetable, so it doesn't count...

        2. Eggs... Hated them as a kid, used to basically swallow them whole, but I did enjoy making them w/ my mom, using that springy egg beater, so I used to choke them down just to go through the cooking process. Now, I LOVE egg whites, particularly egg white omelettes w/ mushrooms, tomatoes, and onions. Or, just scrambled w/ garlic herbs and seasoninng and with a bit of ketchup.

          Jarlsberg and Swiss cheese in general. I used to find them "weird tasting," but I had some gruyere a few years ago as part of a cheese mix, and just had to know *what that fabulous cheese was*... too bad I can't really eat cheese, but if I want to suffer Gruyere and Jarlsberg are higher on the list. OTOH, still can't stand blue cheeses or anything else strong.

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          1. re: Emme

            Oh man, I had the same egg experience. I suffered through eating an egg every weekend, so I'd be allowed to eat the bacon and the rest of the "good stuff" for Sunday breakfast. When I discovered egg whites on their own I was so happy! I love an egg white omlette.

            Swiss chee was another one I didn't like until adulthood, but now I like it a lot.

            I never liked mushrooms until I was in my 20s. I still don't care for the texture if they seem slimy at all, but I love the earthy flavor.

            I never liked spinach until I had it raw or lightly cooked. I had only had it cooked to death, or canned.

            1. re: Emme

              Eggs.....hated waking up to fried eggs., love to eat omelet
              with lots of bacon on the side!! Big treat!!!

              1. re: Emme

                If I can modify a little-egg yolks. It sounds like those might have been what you didn't like as well. My mom used to make fried eggs many weekends, and I was so careful to eat all of the whites around them without touching the yolks so that I could pop the yolks into my mouth and try to swallow them whole without tasting them. In my family just eating the whites would have been a hard sell. Now I savor the yolks, and whenever I plan a dinner that is shy on protein, my go-to solution is to make an over-easy egg or two and serve them on top. Very few things are not improved by runny egg yolks, for me!

              2. brussels sprouts.
                Soft, ripe pears
                Oh - CHERRIES! I used to HATE cherries. Now I eat pounds at a time when they are in season.

                Indian foods. I can't eat enough Indian food now. LOVE it. Order it for take out, make it at home, at LEAST once a week now. Just made a double batch of butter chicken yesterday for dinner. Had it for lunch today, and will finish it off for lunch tomorrow.

                I still really can't do beets. :-(

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                1. re: gordeaux

                  As a kid I was certainly with you on the brussels sprouts, (I was the evil teen who would ask, "May I please have the brussel instead of just the sprout?" Just to make my Mother crazy.) Now, I love them as long as they are very fresh, stir fried quickly to perfection and dressed with a high quality balsamic vinegar; or any other way that leaves them still at least slightly crunchy.

                  Love pears, still green and hard, and sweet cherries fresh picked and not cooked only. I never could understand the reason for sour cherry pie in our region. It always seemed liked a really bad use of a great pastry to me.

                2. Sauerkraut. That smell... But then I finally TRIED an old German place in Yorkville on the upper East side...don't remember the name...but was converted forever.

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                  1. re: DBrooks

                    Oh I didn't like it as well. And being German it was around often. Now I adore it!

                  2. Mushrooms. I used to avoid them at all costs, now I love all varieties with the exception of raw white button mushrooms.