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May 18, 2008 11:00 AM

Looking for a great caterer....

I need a caterer for a pre-wedding party. I will have about 70 people and would love a great meal possibly with salmon as a main dish. Any suggestions would be really appreciated.


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  1. How about Mark McEwan (Bymark and North 44 restos in Toronro). His catering show on the food network (The Heat with Mark McEwan) is fascinating, and he seems to be really good.

    1. Daniel et Daniel
      North 44

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      1. re: meld_la

        All the Best Fine Foods (yonge and Summerhill)

        A lot of things are not on the online menu, better to call.

      2. The caterer I use all the time (70 is the perfect size too) for both corporate and high end personal events is Pan Bagna. Tracey who owns it, is wonderful and very accomodating to budget and preferences. She mades all her food homemade!

        Tracey Pritchard
        Pan Bagna Catering

          1. Food Magic Catering. Love them. Used them even for the food for my movers and painters last weekend.