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May 18, 2008 10:33 AM

Liver and onions

I love liver and onions but haven't cooked them at home in many, many years since DH is not a fan. However, I couldn't resist picking up some liver when I was at the store this morning. Eager to make some again. Anyone have any tips to share? I also picked up some bacon to fry up with the liver.

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  1. A splash of teriyaki or soy sauce at the very end might make it taste better to your DH. Also, though everybody used to saute liver until it is cooked through, the current recommendation is to have just a hint of pink at the center. It's more tender and the flavor not quite as strong that way. Try it and if you don't prefer it that way you can always return it to the pan. Deglazing at the end with a bit of wine tames the flavor, too.

    1. Do not overcook, the middle should still be pinkish. Then some onions and ketchup, nothing more.

      1. Slowly, slowly caramelize the onions, in butter-olive oil mix, until really golden and soft. While the onions are cooking, place liver slice(s) in the freezer. After about 30 minutes, remove liver and slice into thin pieces about 1" square. Dry liver w/ paper towels. Have fresh sage leaves sliced as well. Push onions to the outside of pan, raise heat, add add'l oil-butter and saute liver, hot & fast, for about 1 minute. Toss w/ fresh sage, SPTT and serve ASAP. It will be pink, tender and the combination is terrific.

        We had this the other night with fresh creamed spinach and thought we'd really hit the jackpot.

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          oh, yes!

          Liver - onion = yummy
          Onion + sage = yummy
          Liver + onion + sage = wicked wonderful yummy

          Thanks for bringing this particular preparation up. I'll try it that way next time!


        2. Hey. What kind of liver are you guys talking about? In the shops I see a few different kinds: lamb, beef, chicken, etc.

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          1. re: Kagey

            calves liver is jfood's choice for this variety.

            And he agrees to slow sautee the onions, usingthe butter speeds the process in the caramelization but remember the color you are getting is the butter not the sugars from the onions.

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              Calves' liver would be my choice, too. When using beef liver, however, soaking in milk helps to reduce the strong flavor that some people find offputting.

          2. I've only ever eaten calf's liver... pan-seared crispy on the outside, pink on the inside in a butter/oil mix. With caramelized onion and apple slices. Yumboski. You can never go wrong with adding bacon '-)