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May 18, 2008 10:06 AM

Butcher in Edmonton?

Is there one in the city? I mean a real butcher - not deli meats. I guess a short drive out of the city would be okay too - maybe there is one in a small town nearby?

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  1. we frequent Cameron's meats in the Crestwood area, there is another location north side somewhere.

    decent selection of Beef & Bison, free range whole chickens, house made sausage, lamb, specialty items have recently been added such as rabbit, ostrich & kangaroo, deli & fish. Huge selection of frozen items too.

    There products are not certified organic but they claim to be antibiotic & hormone free.

    1. Smokin Irons Farms on 50th street and 112 ave is a real butcher and also has fresh turkeys and lamb for holidays. I have got fresh turkeys for Thanksgiving and Christmas the last 2 years and they were so great that I would never go back to frozen.

      Note: not open on Sundays.

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. I found one on 118ave and about 60ths st I think. I was on my way to the Tuesday night farmers market. Stopped in a couple times, service was friendly, product was good. They had a bison sale last year that I picked up a bunch of stuff at.

          1. Not sure if they have closed since I have moved to Vancouver, but Brother's Meats in Capilano/Goldbar (50th Street and 101 Ave in the strip mall next to Xwrecks Pub) is the real deal. I remember walking by when I lived nearby and I could smell the most amazing smell of meat being smoked. They made their own kielbassa and had great steaks also.