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May 18, 2008 10:06 AM

Where can I buy Argentine Dulce de Leche

I have made it myself, and had Dulce de Leche from other countries, but the stuff I had in Buenos Aires was out of this world. The markets there had shelves of the stuff, any available around here?

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  1. I used to see it at Whole Foods but haven't lately. Might be worth a call to see if it will be re-stocked. Also, its only takes a can of sweetened condenced milk and about an hour to make it at home. Check out or for recipes.

    1. I ate a ton of dulce de leche in Buenos Aires and I concur that it was great. What I'd really love to know is if there are any Argentinean (dulce de leche) pastries around? In particular, I really enjoyed one that was a little pie shell filled with dulce de leche, somehow piled in to resemble stalagmites.

      1. I bought some last month at the whole foods in Arlington. If I remember correctly it was in the same section as the peanut butter.

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            Sorry, I guess it's in Cambridge. The Fresh Pond Whole foods is the one I was refering too :P

            1. re: VTtoMAtoCAfoodie

              I'd thought that's what you meant, but they're opening new locations so rapidly I can't keep up!

        1. Market Basket in Woburn has at least one brand of dulce de leche on the shelf- I think it was in the Mexican/Spanish foods section. I usually make my own with sweetened condensed milk (gently boil can for two hours and presto!). There is a bakery in the center of Stoneham- right next to Kromel's restaurant- and they have homemade alfajores. I imagine they do cakes/pastries with dulce de leche too. Not the best alfajores I have ever had, but they work when you have a craving!

          1. Thanks for the info, there must be something in the milk used in Buenos Aires that makes it just right. Or maybe it was being in a fabulous city on a great vacation, everything tastes better that way.

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              FYI - I have never seen Argentinian dulce - always some other country of origin - I have a very dear friend who is Argentinian, whose family would ship and fly the real thing up. It does have a unique taste to me too - less sweet and more complex than what we typically get here in the U.S. Hey, I'll ask him!

              1. re: Bob Dobalina

                La Salamandra is Argentinian and I've seen it in several stores around here. The Whole Foods in Newton had it as did Formaggio in Cambridge.

              2. re: uwebres

                I haven't looked in a while, but Hi-Lo foods in JP always carried dulce de leche from Argentina, as well as at least one brand from Uruguay (which a South American friend preferred).

                1. re: overproofed

                  Awesome - I am always betting the under on the Hi-Lo and the house keeps winning. Very underrated.