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May 18, 2008 09:59 AM

Summer is almost here: I need a Folly Beach update

Every year we go to Folly one of our favorites has disappeared, but a new place pops up. Is there anything new on Folly? Is Taco Boy still there? How about the Daily Dose on Folly Rd. Any new recommendations for the area?

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  1. Was just down there about a month ago. Taco Boy is still going strong, you'll be glad to hear. Don't remember noticing if the Daily Dose was still around, though. Also, I'm told that Bowen's Island Seafood restaraunt has reopended, but we were only at the beach for one afternoon and didn't get to swing by there to see.

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    1. re: Jeff C.

      Bowen's Island reopened a few years ago. Love it.

      Daily Dose was open a few months ago. Love it, though it's a bit disheveled in there.

      Taco Boy rocks.

      1. re: uptown jimmy

        Speaking of disheveled, is Bowen's Island as seedy-looking as before the fire?

        (I love it, too, but there's a reason why they call 'em "seafood dives.")

        Taco Boy DOES rock--best atmosphere and cheap lunch on/near James Island, IMO.

        1. re: Jeff C.

          Actually, they are cleaning up quite nicely. The new deck is located further from the water from the old enclosed deck (which is still there), and it is rather civilized. It seems they are slowly sprucing the place up.

          Taco Boy is a jewel. Great food, great tequila, great atmosphere, especially on the back deck. Lovely.

    2. Yeah for Taco Boy! Didn't know there was a BACK deck. No new places though? Do any of you guys remember "Melt" - the homemade ice cream place run by the surfer dude who was open or not depending on the surf. Loved that place.

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      1. re: suse

        I remember seeing it one summer when we rented a house there. Never tried it, though. Homemade?

        1. re: Jeff C.

          Suse, I totally remember Melt. It was such a hole, but it was all Boar's Head meats mmmmm. And the homemade ice cream was so rich you couldn't even finish it. 11 Center St is gone, but that is no real loss. In its place is a new seafood place called Conch, there is also the Surf Bar on the corner of Cooper and Center Sts. Woody's has covered their deck so now there is much more seating for families (great pies and subs).

          1. re: penny35

            I lived for the day he made peach ice cream. Crazy good. I heard the dude ended up getting married and getting a "real job" in the city. I was also saddened by the demise of the Hideaway, which was always worth checking out if for no other reason than the hand-painted signs leading you there and oh yeah, and the view....Don't worry, I'm not just some nostalgia freak - Now I'm all about Taco Boy and the "hippy lunches" at Daily Dose. The teenagers we go with love that place - so do I. Thanks for the info.

            1. re: suse

              Ahh...the Hideaway, we miss that place so much. We had Lil' Mama's deliver last weekend, and it wasn't bad. Husband got a burger that was big and juicy. I got the tuscan chicken sandwich, w/ grilled chicken, artichoke hearts and pesto.

      2. Daily dose is alive and well.

        1. Love Daily Dose for "hippie lunch". Also try L'il Mama's-pizza and sandwiches-last time I was there I had a great salad.

          1. So we actually nipped down to Folly last weekend for a little pre-beach week visit - that and to take in "Monkey - Journey to the West" at Spoleto. It's a little crazy, but we ended up eating at Taco Boy twice. Has anyone else tried one of their salads? Good. Lord. Those things are delish-US. My question now is has anyone been to that new seafood joint on the corner that used to be "11 Center St." or something to that effect? They have live music. Is it any good on the food front?