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May 18, 2008 09:54 AM

The place with the big rooster outside on calle ocho

Hi guys , i am heading out of miami after living here for about 2 years and am looking for those last dont miss moments -I have always been intrigued by the place on calle ocho with the big red rooster in front and was wondering if anyone had experience there and if so what to order -Thanks in advance -T

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  1. There are large roosters in a number of spots in Little Havana.. it was all part of an art installation a few years ago.. kind of like the painted cows in Atlanta.

    One of the places with a rooster is El Pub.. you'd be better off walking a half a block to El Exquisito.. as much as I love El Pub, if you happen to be parked out back when the kitchen door is open as they're cleaning it, you'll probably be like me and go for coffee and eat elsewhere.

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      Is it possible you mean the Taqueria in this photo?

      There was a big fiberglass rooster parked on the doorstep last time we were there...

      It is by no means a GREAT Mexican restaurant and Miami Danny said the chef/owners are not Mexican at all - not that that matters mucho to my belly - but we do like it... super casual, fluorescent lit and all. Cheap lunch specials are great.

      If you are leaving Miami, there are probably lots of other (and better) farewell meals to consider. In fact - this thread should probably be opened up to a


      If the hounds were leaving Miami - where would they want to dine on the way out of town?


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        Lunch at Garcia's - fish sandwich.
        Dinner at Michael's Genuine.
        Post-dinner beers at Scotty's Landing.