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May 18, 2008 09:43 AM

Staying in Old Town San Diego on a Sat....

Staying in Old Town San Diego after a cruise with friends on a Saturday in June and looking for a good mexican restaurant. I know it's hyped and touristy down there but we really want to just have a great time and great margaritas. My husband is from Dallas and we moved back here 2 years ago and cannot tell you how much we just CRAVE some good if there are any restaurants that fit the bill that would be wonderful. Thanks!

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  1. San Diego doesn't really do Tex-Mex, and Old Town isn't exactly the mecca for Mexican food. So, assuming you don't have car, there are two places in Old Town worth visiting, IMO: Casa Guadalajara and El Agave.

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      I agree with Phee. Just be aware that El Agave (they claim to have more varieties of tequila than any other restaurant) while excellent, is a little on the pricier side and the food is of the more authentic central Mexico variety. It's not your traditional Mexican food of burritos, enchiladas, and the like. I mean where else in San Diego can you find huitlacoche?

      For good (out of the way) Mexican food, I like Tony's Jacal and Carnitas Uruapan. Both are no where near Old Town.

      In Old Town, Casa Guadalajara is probably your best bet.

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        Gringo's in Pacific Beach has one or two huitlacoche menu items. I know the restaurant's name conjures up notions of El Torito et al, but the Mexican regional specialties origionally conceived by chef Victor Jiminez,(now gone), are much better than they need to be in this tourist filled location. Back to topic, El Agave is a solid rec, love their moles.

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          Agreed that Gringo's is definitely better than you would expect given the name and the location. I haven't been in a while - need to give them another go.

    2. I recommend the Spicy Mexican Cafe in Old Town. It is owned by the same people as El Agave. The menu tends toward the usual/typical Mexican fare but with a more sophisticated interpretation than the other establishments in Old Town. I have been there twice and was very happy with the food.

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      1. If you're looking for Tex-Mex, I'd second phee's rec for Casa Guadalajara, at the north end of Old Town on Taylor St. They don't have queso, but they do have fajitas. San Diego is short on Tex-Mex. Fajitas is the only Tex-Mex item I've seen around town, and Casa Guadalajara does a good job of them.