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May 18, 2008 09:15 AM

Boiled Crabs, Where?

Will be in New Orleans in early June and seek boiled crabs in "typical" informal restuarant. As former residents of New Orleans, my wife and I have fond memories of crabs served on beer trays at Brunings by the lake and even earlier eating at Fitzgeralds.

I know these great places are now gone. Please suggest restaurants that come close to providing similar fare and environment. We have a car and can drive to the provinces (i.e. West Bank, Metaire, etc.) if necessary.

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  1. i would go to salw's on barataria on the west bank. get off at barataria (second light is barataria) take a left and you will see it on the right in about ten seconds. they have wonderful crabs and all things boiled. huge stuffed artichokes as well.

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    1. Big Al's is new in the Garden District. It's an old firestation converted. Cool place and always boiled seafood. Crabs? not sure.

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        Big Al's is not in the garden district, but they'll have crabs when in season.

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            Big Al's Seafood (1377 Annunciation St., 265-0324)

      2. If you want a scenic drive to an informal restaurant with good food try The Crab Trap in LaPlace. The menu is pretty much just boiled seafood so you may want to call & see what's in the pot before you go.

        Take I-10 west to the first LaPlace exit. Go right onto 51 & take a right on Peavine Road (there's a boat launch sign there). Go til you can't go no mo and it's on the right.