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May 18, 2008 08:39 AM

Big 3 Seafood--Best H.K. Seafood in SGV?

There are so many Chinese restaurants in the San Gabriel Valley that I consider myself fortunate if I can try most of the places just once, particularly since restaurants can close down on a moment's notice. I went by Big 3 Seafood when it opened up in Alhambra 6 or 7 years ago in a mini mini mall next to a water store, and frankly don't remember a thing about the place. Then last year a friend of a friend from Hong Kong commented that Big 3 was his favorite restaurant and was closest to Hong Kong quality food he has found over here. I dismissed that comment as one person's personal taste, but now I'm hearing other similar indications. Anybody out there familiar with Big 3 Seafood? It's at 240 W. Main St. in Alhambra.

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  1. Well personally I think that place is pretty mediocre. I have never had anything there that I thought was that good. My wife and her family are from Hong Kong and they don't think it is any great shakes, either. It's your average HK Chinese place in the SGV.

    1. Hey Chandavkl,

      I'm like you... I went there once maybe 4 years ago or so? I remember it being mediocre and nothing memorable, and nothing else about it. It's also getting mediocre reviews on Yelp. I'm not sure about this place...

      1. I thought it was pretty mediocre too. I went a few years ago and tried the snake soup...okay, not great, and the seafood was so-so also.

        1. They sometimes have specials on seafood (large prawns, lobster) but I wouldn't go out of my way for it. Sometimes I wonder if they time their specials to coincide with what's on sale at the Super A next door.

          Their appeal is more quantity than quality.

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            and the quantity isn't that great so there's no point in going there. Actually, I said it is mediocre in my previous post but it has to improve quite a bit in order to even get to that level.

          2. I was there about a month ago - the Times unaccountably listed it as one of the best dim sum places in the SGV, although it doesn't serve dim sum - and it was pretty third-rate, a bargain seafood joint along the lines of New Capital or Monterey Palace. Unless the kitchen is prepared to pull out some rare grouper or something, I'd say it's missible.