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May 18, 2008 08:02 AM

Kalbi (Galbi) at Costco!

I absolutely love this national dish of Korea. Delicious beef short ribs marinated in soy, sugar, scallions, and garlic.

A bit of a challenge to make at home...generally have to purchase the ribs at a Korean market and then concoct your own marinade.

Imagine my surprise to see fresh marinated Galbi at Costco recently. $11.99 for 2 pounds. The beef was outstanding- the bones had been trimmed off, minimal fat - and the marinade was very flavorful.

We grilled the package last night and kept on eating well beyond being full because they were so flavorful.

Truly outstanding and I'm heading back to Costco today to pick up a few more pounds for my freezer.

Available at Boston Costcos and my friend also has purchased in San Francisco.


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  1. Wow!, that's $6 a lb. At the Korean markets, you can usually get it for $2-3 per lb. Granted, you do need to experiment b/c each market has their own sauce/marinade.

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      The short ribs at Korean markets have the bones. Costco offers the boneless short ribs, though they're a thicker cut than what the Korean markets offer.

      Why spend the extra $2 per pound for the marinade? I remember the Choice grade boneless short ribs @ Costco being $3.99 per pound. Lots of marinade recipes posted online, though there's not a whole ton of variance between them all. As a 100% Korean-American with a Korean wife, I can attest to two absolutes your marinade should have beyond what's been already mentioned - - sesame oil & Coca Cola (the latter being the secret ingredient that many aren't aware of). Experiment and adjust to your own taste, and enjoy!