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May 18, 2008 06:05 AM

had excellent ribs at Famous Dave's in Chantilly last night... (the second best ribs I've had in my life)

my family was shopping at Costco in Chantilly yesteraday...

as we were leavning, we noticed a Famous Daves' next to Costco(at the corner of Rt 50 and Lee Rd(?)...

I'll skip most entrees, as they were very generic chain restaurant food...

however, I was really, really, really, really, really impressed by the ribs. We ordered two full racks. They were kind of expensive(about $20 per arck). However, it was probably the second best ribs I've ever had in my entire life. I found myself licking the bones after the meat was all gone. (please don't judge me) They were very tasty....

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  1. OW: Next time you're out in our neck of the woods, try Willard's BBQ on Willard Rd next to the Expo Center. Generally speaking, much better than Famous Dave's (and locally owned too).

    We tried the ribs at Famous Dave's once. Ok, but nothing to make us go back. Conversely, the neighboring Red Robin -- a chain we once despised -- has proven quite solid.

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    1. re: Bob W

      thanks! I've been meaning to try Willard's BBQ and Red Robin.

      can you tell me what's good at Red Robin? :)

      1. re: OaktonWhitney

        They have a large selection of burgers, that's what they do. The chicken sandwiches are also very good.
        Very kid friendly.

    2. i'll say it again: i love their smoked salmon dip.