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May 18, 2008 05:53 AM

it pains me to say this: Temari Japanese Cafe in Rockville is a bit pricey/overrated for such mediocre food (but service is excellent, very attentive waitresses)

There were 6 of us on a non-busy weekday evening. When we walked in, there were about
4 or 5 other tables with 2 to 4 people each. There was also an elderly couple sitting at the

I was the one suggesting Temari becuase I've read so many good comments here,
and also at other blog sites.

Here's a list of the items that the 6 of us ordered: miso ramen, katsu donburi, curry rice,
omu rice, unagi donburi, cha-shui(?) ramen, sashimi & fried oyster(special on the board),
several assorted rolls and side dishes. We pretty much shared everything together.

It's will take too long to describe why we didnt' like each item, so I'll just describe three.
The unagi(eel) donburi. The eel was slightly too dry and had a very rubbery texture. I suspect that it was the $5 frozen kind that you can buy at the Japanese grocery store upstairs. The Katus donburi tasted good, but the pork was very tough. The onions were not cooked long enough, so it was still kind of crunchy(raw) without the sweetness of onions. The ramen had pretty decent soup, but the noodles were way over-cooked and tasted like instant noodles that had been sitting for a while. The cha-shui(?) was very fatty.

The final bill came to $128. The check was even
pre-printed with a suggested tip of 15% to 20%.(we gave 15%)

4 out of the 6 people(myself included) have spent time living in Japan. Let's just say a
restaurant like Temari will have a hard time surviving there.

it pains me to say this: but we all thought it was bit pricey/overrated for such mediocre food but service is excellent, very attentive & friendly waitresses(hey, it's not their fault the food
isn't very good, is it?

Having said all that... if I've never had good Japanese food, I'd probably enjoy eating at
Temari.... ...... :(

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  1. The sad thing about this region is that it doesn't get much (if at all) better than Temari.

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    1. re: onocoffee

      yes... I know... Temari isn't not that bad, as long as you don't compare it to
      real Japanese food in LA or Tokyo... :(

    2. The original comment has been removed