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May 18, 2008 05:33 AM

Beware of Courthouse Bistro

Went to Courthouse Bistro last night to try it out. I live in that area so I was finally hoping for a good neighborhood restaurant for that strip next to Four Courts. It was dissapointing. The people were nice and the service was fine (It was almost empty), but the food was not very good. We had sauteed mushrooms to start that were in oil and lemon and were not very tasty. Then my wife had some Spinach Ravioli that was chewy. I had a chicken marsala that was edible, but the marsala sauce was not very marsala-like. We will not go back. If we want Italian food we will go to the place in Courthouse Plaza or Listrani's, even though I do not think either of them is anything special. I would probably choose Bertuccis over it as well.

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  1. Hah, I had been curious about this place since I saw it while running a few weeks ago.

    I had been under the assumption that it was something terrible just by looking at the decor, signage outside, and menu, but then the City Paper gave it somewhat of a good review.

    Still curious, still under the assumption that it sucks.

    Is Toscana Grill (in Courthouse Plaza) good? I live across the plaza from it and have been wondering.

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      Toscana grill is decent, not terrible, not amazing...but a very good option when you're walking off the metro, too tired to cook and don't want to spend tons of money. i prefer listrani's myself, which is across the street and a block down from the metro, but toscana is also fine if you don't feel like walking that extra two blocks.

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        Have either of you been to King Street Blues in that same courtyard? I always wonder about it. Agrred about the look of Courthouse Bistro - sort of sketchy. Thanks for the report, guess I will skip it!

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          i ate there once. completely unimpressed but there are worse places to eat.

          the fresh potato chips were tasty. the po-boy sandwich was pretty bad but this is to be expected outside NOLA. i get the feeling they might have something good. just haven't been back to give it another chance.

          when i want southern-type food, i hit up whitlows for mac n' cheese and catfish or meatloaf, or head to levi's port cafe in dc.

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            If you want low country not NOLA Southern, more Carolina/ Georgia style go to Southside 815, their po-boys are skippable, but their low country stuff is spot on and some other Southern goodies, it is where I go when I miss home cooking, I haven't been to Levi's yet, but really want to go, what is good there and is it really good, I keep hearing mixed things from non-southerners.

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              i grew up in central south carolina, myrtle beach, eastern nc, and the piedmont (near charlotte). i went to school in the mountains and spent 4 years in raleigh. i know good southern food.

              levis is pretty great. sure, there are better places down south, but the owners are really nice and from cary, nc. the bbq really is eastern nc-style, although you will definitely find better eastern-nc style bbq in, say goldsboro or wilson, nc.

              also you should try flavors soul food in bailey's crossroads. amazing fried chicken and collards.

              been meaning to try out southside 815. i'll have to hit it up soon. love low country food.

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              whitlow's food is quite good, very underrated....we go for brunch at least once a month and dinner about the same.

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