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May 18, 2008 04:06 AM

High end Hamburgers???

After having exceptional steak the other night, I had a curious thought. Are there any places around LA that serve really high-end hamburgers? It may seem strange, but if there are, I'd be curious to see how a $40 burger tastes...

I doubt there's anything like that, but if someone knows of something it would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. I noticed you just posted about Cut. Funny thing is I was just at the Beverly Wilshire checking out the menu at The Blvd. restaurant. I haven't tried it but they have a hamburger that sounds very high-end. Here is the description: the Blvd Burger, made with prime sirloin, foie gras mousse and sautéed wild mushrooms.

    1. At Mother's Day Brunch at the W Hotel in Westwood last weekend, burger was on the menu as part of the 45 buck brunch... and they charged extra for the grilled onions!


      Ruth's Chris has one on the lunch menu.

      Spago has one for twenty something dollars.

      Pacific Dining Car's is no doubt pricey.

      If you want to go somewhere with a mistress, The Brentwood has one.

      1. Here's the description of the $28 burger at Josie: Buffalo Burger and Truffle Fries --ground sirloin of buffalo stuffed with Gruyère, topped with foie gras, and served on a brioche bun. I also love the one on the lunch menu at Morton's but it's not all that pricey.

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          Two really great burgers! The latter a very traditional steakhouse burger (thick and juicy) for about $13, the former a terrific indulgence for twice the price--so good that, when Josie took it off the menu a couple of years ago, overwhelming customer pleas persuaded her to bring it back. For a non-meat variation, I understand that Citrus at Social in Hollywood has a $38 lobster burger but I have not tried it.

          1. re: New Trial

            Alas, Morton's has raised its prices. The burger is now $14 (and still a steal, imho.)

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            The Josie burger is pretty good, but people should know that it's on the dryer side because it's buffalo. If you like juicy burgers with lots of juices, then this might not be your thing.

            IMO, there are better options on the Josie menu. The venison, for example, is a really wonderful dish and not terribly common in LA.

            1. re: glutton

              Perhaps because of the gruyere stuffing or the foie gras topping, but I have never found the buffalo burger to be too dry. Love the venison there, too, and (when they have it) the boar.

          3. Riordan's Tavern (next to The Pantry downtown)
            875 S Figueroa St
            Los Angeles, CA 90017

            1. Grace has a burger night. Mmm... truffle burgers...