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May 18, 2008 03:56 AM

Hands Down - THE BEST meal I've had - CUT - BH

I'll begin by saying that this dinner surprised me in the best possible way!

I've heard about this place from several friends and was skeptical of their rave reviews because I've eaten at the finest steakhouses in New York and Chicago as well as some incredible spots overseas. It started out negative because I couldn't even get a reservation two weeks in advance. But, the hostess told me they served food in the bar and I decided to give it a shot.

The bar was packed, but when my date and I found a spot where we could sit and eat, we began to appreciate the atmosphere. Not you're typical bar crowd - it looked like business men, travelers, foodies, and lots of incredible women - not too many of the 25 and under party crowd which was nice (for us at least). Although, you can tell by the Bentley's and Maybach's outside that this wasn't you're typical bar.

The manager (Andrew) helped us with a table and went over the menu with us. We started off with Laurent Perrier Grand Siecle by the glass and moved into a bottle of '97 Dalle Valle for the meal. The wine list is very nice; and, if I ever feel like going broke, they've got some really great bordeaux. My date ordered the Dover Sole and I had the steak tasting. I had never even heard of a steak tasting before, but it was incredible!!! Honestly, I thought that I had already had the best steaks around, but this blew them out of the water. It was easily the best steak I've ever eaten and my date's sole was outstanding. The sides and appetizers were insanely good as well - especially the bone marrow flan (seriously, who came up with bone marrow flan?) We were full before dessert, but didn't want to leave so we split a banana cream pie/creme brulee combination - really tasty!

All put together, it was easily the best meal I've ever had! We'll definitely be back. Mind you, I've eaten in probably fifty different Michelin starred restaurants - this one took the cake (though I'll always have a soft spot for French Laundry).

One piece of advice. Get to know Andrew (the manager). The guy is the best I've ever seen and knows how to take care of people.

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  1. I haven't had the opportunity, occasion, or wallet yet to try Cut, but I've enjoyed all of Puck's other local restaurants. Had a memorable dinner at the new Spago, during which visiting family members were impressed to have Sly Stallone at the adjacent table, and I cherish a dear memory of a reunion date in the last months of the old Spago. I had fun food and an industrial zing at the old Eureka, and I think my ears are still ringing, and I loved the aquarium motif and pleasant hidden patio during several festive meals at Granita. My favorite over the years, for bold flavors, shared dishes, the open kitchen and over-the-top decor, is Chinois on Main. What consistently impresses is the quality and heart of the food and the service. Puck recruits, trains, promotes, and rewards both kitchen and front of the house professionals, allowing him to expand into new ventures with no loss of excellence.

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      ^ "I haven't had the opportunity, occasion, or wallet yet to try Cut..."



    2. Your meal sounds fabulous. What type of steaks were included in your steak tasting?

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        Yes, I would love to hear more about the steak tasting. What did you eat, and what was the cost?

        1. re: Nicole

          $140 tasting of ny strip: 4oz 35day dry-aged prime nebraska, 4oz american kobe snake river farms, 2 oz japanese wagyu kagoshima

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            Wow, that sounds amazing! Thanks!

      2. Never heard of Cut offering a steak tasting. I've tried their American New York and the Japanese Wagyu Rib Eye, but I would love to have steak tasting. What cuts of meat did it include? I agree this place is the best.

        1. how was the amt of food? Im coming back to LA soon and Ive been meaning to try Cut, but I don't want to be dying like eating at peter luger's or something like that and you feel like you're going to puke b/c u ate so much

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            I recently ate at Lugers and IMO, Cut was better. At first glance you might think you are getting ripped off, but the servings are plenty.

            1. re: Mr. Gohan

              ok so it sounds like its enough to get you full, but not like disgusting full

              i always feel terrible after i eat at luger's

          2. i completly agree. i have had the aged nebraska rib eye and then the american wagyu steak and both were incredible, but the wagyu was simply ridiculoiuos. i didnt want to have any desert in fear of losing the taste until i brushed my teeth later that night. i tried the bone marrow and the pork belly appitizer and both were great. eat at cut..and try the wagyu!