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May 18, 2008 03:19 AM

Review - Bobby Flay's Steak - AC, NJ

My wife and I went to the Borgata in Atlantic City on Monday (5/12/08) and had dinner at Bobby Flay Steak that evening.

We started things off with cocktails. My wife had a V.O. Manhattan on the rocks and I had a Stoli on ice with a splash of Kahlua. Both drinks were made as requested and were very good. Our waiter then brought us a very nice selection of rolls with butter. They included a cheesy sort of Parker House roll and miniature ciabatta loaves, both were excellent.

For appetizers we both had the Lobster-Crab Cake with Tomatillo Sauce and Saffron Aioli. This is an excellent dish but the cakes could have had a browner or crustier exterior. We were somewhat amused in the manner in which they were served. They used a bowl that looked like it was meant to be a serving bowl for vegetables or potatoes in a family style service. It didn’t detract from the cakes but it was absurdly large for a relatively small appetizer.

We both ordered a Spice Rubbed Steak. My wife had the boneless Ribeye and I had the Filet Mignon. We both ordered them medium and they arrived exactly so. A word of caution however, both steaks were charred black. This wasn’t a problem for us since we both like a blackened or “Pittsburg” exterior. The spice rub may have contributed to this as it does with Cajun dishes like blackened redfish. I was a little disappointed at the size of the filet. I doubt that it could have been more than four or five ounces. My real disappointment was with the flavor and texture. It just wasn’t that good, not bad mind you, just not what I expected from a top of the line steakhouse. When I got home I checked their website and they don’t advertise their steaks as being prime or aged and I don’t think they are either.

My wife had the Sweet Potato Gratin for a side that she enjoyed. I had the Brooklyn Hash Browns that I thought were terrible and IMO virtually inedible. It was as if they took fried hash browns, mashed them up with onions (?) and whatever and then put the resulting concoction in a gratin dish and heated it up. When I complained, our waiter replaced them without a problem with the Black Pepper French Fries with Chipotle Aioli which were decent if a little too peppery for my taste. He said that a lot of people had complained about the hash browns. He indicated that they were trying to duplicate the hash browns served at Peter Luger’s. Well, I haven’t been to Luger’s but I’m pretty sure that theirs are a lot better than these. I also had a bottle of Newcastle Brown Ale with dinner and my wife had water.

We decided to forego dessert and finished the meal with coffee. My wife had a cup of decaf and I had an espresso with an anisette on the side. The coffee and espresso were excellent.

I’m glad we tried Bobby’s place but I don’t think we’ll go back. For over a hundred dollars a person, there are simply too many other restaurants in AC to try first.

A word of advice for Bobby, don’t challenge the Old Homestead to a steak throwdown. You’ll lose big time.

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  1. We tried Bobby Flay Steak for a late dinner after the John Pinette show on Saturday. We has an 11:00 reservation. We arrived at 10:47 and after a short wait, we we seated. I was surprised how crowded the restaurant was that late at night, but there wasn't a seat in the house. I had no problem making a decision. I ordered the Grouper with white clam sauce. My sister on the other hand had a tough time deciding. She wanted lobster, but an 8 oz tail was $48. The whole lobsters which started at 3 pounds were $28/lb, so she chose the bone in ribeye cooked medium with the wild mushroom mashed potatoes. I chose the cauliflower goat cheese gratin as my side. Our bread basket was noting like yours. We had a few slices of rosemary scented bread, which although it was very good, it was just fancy italian bread. When our dinners came, I was surprised at the size of the steak. It looked like a Fred Flintstone steak. It was literally the size of the plate, and perfectly cooked. My Grouper portion, although it appeared tiny, was perfectly cooked with the tiniest clams-in-the-shell I've ever seen. They were so tender though, they were difficult to pick up with your fork. The potatoes were delicious, but I thought my cauliflower was better. My only complaint was it wasn't cooked evenly. some pieces were cooked to mush, while others were practically
    raw We had to pass on dessert, although some of the offerings around us looked very interesting. My sister ended up taking half her steak and potatoes home. all in all, the meal was very good. Would I go back again, probably not. Our bill, with 2 bottles of domestic beer for her, and a glass of Pinot Grigio for me, came to $123.

    1. Hey I loved your review. I am going there in 2 weeks & was wondering the same thing: what grade are the steaks & how are they aged if at all. The website DOESN'T specify & I think that is a very important detail considering the steaks are priced like prime dry aged steaks at other great steakhouses. I tried twitter to contact Bobby Flay himself but no response. I wish we could find out.