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May 17, 2008 11:39 PM

visiting TO for 7 days: BEST Cheap Eats?

trying to sift thru guidebooks and websites - and i'm getting a serious headache.

please recommend some cool places - we're 2 30-something women.

anything open late in little italy would also be great b/c we'll be staying around there.

thai/ indian/ sushi are faves.

thanks so much!

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  1. Where are you coming from? Might be helpful for us to make some recommendations, just to know what sort of standards of cuisine you're used to. And what do you consider "cheap" eats? What price range are you looking at?

    1. Little Italy isn't a neighbourhood I end up in all that often, so I can't help you too much with it. However, if you head south east to Queen West (east of Spadina), you'll find a number of Indian options, in a fun neighbourhood. Little India is quite popular on this board. I've only been there once, for their lunch buffet, and didn't find it to be especially great; however, given others' rave reviews, I'm assuming their a la carte menu may be better. Personally, I really enjoy Babur, a few doors down.

      A couple of "cheap and cheerful" sushi joints that aren't too far from you are Sushi on Bloor and New Generation (on Bloor, between Bathurst and Spadina). They won't win any gourmet awards, but they offer tasty sushi at affordable prices.

      If "cheap" is a relative term, and you're considering spending a bit more on one or two meals, you may want to check out Foxley and/or Delux, two relatively new restaurants at Dundas and Ossington (pretty close to Little Italy). They've been getting pretty great reviews. Another option in that neighbourhood is Julie's Cuban, a fun tapas-style Cuban joint.

      Enjoy your stay!

      1. Utopia on college makes really good burritos and fun place to hang out.
        Cafe Diplomatico for decent cheap italian
        Terroni of Queen west also fun place
        Sushi I can't remember the name on queen w, and beverly corner. It has a red sign
        East on queen st. across from much music reasonable priced, for thai/asian food.
        Babur is pretty good on queen st.
        Irie food joint does jamican but has some curry dishes.

        1. I'm a bit out of the loop on College (aka Little Italy) these days, but Kalendar on College St. W... is an old favourite - try the scrolls.
          Chinese on Spadina - open until 1am, sometimes 3 am. Swatow is excellent and cheap. While many have their favourites, there are lots of good ones... They're not "cool" per se, but the food is great and cheap.
          Massimo's pizza on College is amazing - a little on the outside edge of Little Italy.
          You have to have breakfast at Auntie's and Uncles - just east of Bathurst on the south side - it's the coolest and it's cheap.


          1. Sidecar on College and Clinton is a nice non-Italian spot. Love Cafe Le Gaffe on College for pizza, salads, light pastas. Bar Italia is also good on College. Oh! and if you want a veal sandwich that is a HUGE meal, California Sandwiches is a walk from College Street.