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May 17, 2008 10:05 PM

Questions about Mastro's

Okay, so we're going to a steakhouse for our anniversary Monday night.

I want to try Mastro's in Costa Mesa, but I have questions:

1. Are they open Monday nights? (I know I could call, but calling a restaurant on a Saturday night is a very bad opening pitch. And I hate their website with all the heat of a thousand supernovas -- it is surpassed in badness only by Roberto Passon's awful CalArts-reject-designed awfulness.)

2. Do I have a prayer of getting a reservation on Monday night? Specifically, this Monday night? Yes, it has to be Monday night.

3. Which one is better? Mastro's Ocean Club (Newport) or Mastro's Steakhouse (Costa Mesa)? What's the difference?

4. What is it about Mastro's that makes it better than, say, Ruth's Chris or Morton's? Any particular steaks that are great?

5. Are they one of those places that puts butter on the steaks? I mean, talk about gilding the lily, ick.

Thanks, Chowhounds! You know I'll post my experience.

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  1. 1. Accoring to Yelp, they are open Mondays.

    2. Not sure about this one, but I imagine you'll be fine if you're flexible about time. I was able to walk in on a Wednesday night at 9:00.

    3. Stick with the original. The Ocean Club has more of a seafood emphasis, but most people end up ordering steak anyway. Plus the crowd there is much more offensive in my opinion (i.e. the typical Newport bunch).

    4. Their signature steak is the filet, but I'm not sure exactly why it's "signature." It was good, but didn't blow me away (like let's say, CUT). I'd say it's on par with Ruth's or Morton's.

    5. Yes, I believe the filet did have butter, but it wasn't overwhelming.

    My report:

    1. 1. Absolutely they are open 7 days a week (with the exception of a holiday or two).

      2. I am sure it is possible to get a reservation for Monday. Did you try calling them? 714-546-7405

      3. They both have the great food but completely different scenes. Mastro's Steakhouse in Costa Mesa is more of the traditional steakhouse. They have two floors (the second floor is all private dining space) it is still a big restaurant but doesn't feel big the way the dining room is set up (into four different "sections" plus the bar area). Mastro's Ocean Club still has the same great food but with more of a seafood focus - they actually offer more fish, less steak and some different sides to compliment the menu. The bar gets very crowded, especially during the weekends and it attracts your typical Newport Crowd. It is a much smaller restaurant (only 1 floor) so reservations in advance are a must but it does have a beautiful view overlooking Crystal Cove & the Pacific Ocean.

      4. I haven't been to Ruth's Chris or Morton's in a while and it was in other locations in other states but what the consensus seems to be is that the service, waitstaff and steaks are all better at Mastro's.

      5. They do top their steaks off with clarified butter but you can always ask for no butter on your steak. Many of my friends do that when we go there but I can't bring myself to do so since it just tastes so good!!!

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      1. re: ChefFetish

        Like I said, calling a restaurant at 10 PM on a Saturday is not a good way to get a good table. I'll call after lunch today.

        Looks like the original steakhouse is the way to go -- I don't have a need for the Laguna Beach crowd.


      2. I have been to both the Costa Mesa and the Newport location. The crowd at Newport is definitely a lot stuffier and older... .. But I do think for an anniversary it will be a nicer dining experience at the Newport location. It is very beautiful there.

        My favorites... Pomegranate martini, cantaloupe martini... lobster mashed potatoes, rib eye... The steak was a little buttery.

        I like Mastro's a lot better than Morton's and Ruth Chris. I like their side selections a lot more. They are more fun in comparison to the simple choices ex. steamed broccoli at Ruth Chris's .

        I really like their bread basket also.. They have a variety of cheese breads, pretzel sticks.. etc.