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Is this wine safe to taste - report

AndyP May 17, 2008 09:36 PM

Okay, took a chance...

Uncorked the glass carboy, and poured a splash into a 12 oz. brandy snifter...

Color: rich, clear amber
Legs: medium to medium thick
Nose: so heavy on raisins anything else is lost
Taste: huge raisin to start, slap upside the head of black cherry at the end
Finish: silky and warm.

Went back, and gave myself a healthy pour.

Thoughts: This is a tawny port deprived of cask-aging. From the way I'm feeling, I'm going to guess at an ABV of 20%-25%. This stuff is strong!


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  1. w
    winechik RE: AndyP May 17, 2008 09:56 PM

    Glad to hear it's not gone bad after some serious neglect!

    You could probably get your hands on some glass and a hand-corker and bottle it up. And if you don't drink it all, it sounds like it'd make a killer sauce for a steak or pork tenderloin!

    1. c
      Chicago Mike RE: AndyP May 18, 2008 11:39 PM

      Interesting post... I once had an unintentional wine maltreatment test... Kept probably 3 or 4 dozen nice bottles in a locked, un-airconditioned storage rental in FLORIDA... the whole storage reeked of mothballs... it got to way over 100 degrees in there, probably at least 1/4 of the time....

      Mostly early 80's really nice french and american bottles, including the two silver oak vintages that got back to back 100's from wine spectator.... on and on....

      I rented this place, moved, and just put it out of mind for years...

      Anyway, I was cleaning it out in the mid-90's and decided to check out this wine, assuming that it would all be disastrous given the conditions...

      On that score, it was all ruined BUT by far the wine that had withstood even these dreadful conditions surprisingly well was some 85 Grahams Malvedos port.... I've drank worse and it conjured up so many good memories :)

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