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May 17, 2008 08:51 PM

B'way and Fulton--lunch options


My office is moving to 195 Broadway. Any decent lunch suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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  1. try frank's at the seaport...other than that, Les Halles...There is a food market over there as well that has outdoor seating (and downstairs seating) and is very popular when it's nice out.

    1. alfanoose has really great middle eastern.

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        I third alfanoose, I used to live down there after 9/11when there were no not many options. Les Halles is good, and popeye's is nearby,.I think any reasonable hound will agree, fast food chain or not Popeye's is good fried chicken. Good luck otherwise, I never found any hidden gems down there, other than alfa...

      2. Second alfanoose. Sah Jah meh for decent korean, zaizeff for good but expensive burgers, supposedly a sophies just opened on fulton but have yet to visit or confirm if this is true.

        1. /\ OP, do you work for Thomson Financial?

          Not much in the immediate vicinity - Zeytuna is a good choice, a great variety of food, and their shishkebabs are much better than Alfanoose. Bennie's Thai on Fulton is the best Thai on Wall St. in my opinion. I also second Zaitzeff for burgers.

          Of course if you start walking north you are in Tribeca, so that's a plus.

          1. Hi Clara... coincidently, I'm moving out of 195 Broadway (moving to Times Square).

            Here are my lunch survival techniques...
            Les Halles - steak frites, mussels, burgers, traditional French Brasserie
            Seh Jah Meh - Korean, nice lunch menu
            Sushi a La Kawa (my area favorite) OR Yoro's - sushi
            Sophie's - Cuban, they are a small chain but pretty good
            Alfanoose - can't go wrong, especially their califlower sandwich (and desserts)
            O'Hara's - pub, with good burgers
            Lili's - Chinese, in the Embassy Suites building just North of the World Financial Center
            Zeytuna - great deli bar, sandwiches, hot food, etc
            Lemongrass Grill - Thai (more presentable then Bennie's)
            Diwan-E-Khaas - Indian, across from the American Greetings card store

            There are some nice happy-hour locations, if you are interested. Amy