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May 17, 2008 08:25 PM

Bedford Post Inn- Cute, comfortable and delicious!

I went on May 15th for my 22nd birthday and it was a wonderful night! The food was delicious overall, service was consistent, and the atmosphere just made me want to come back during the day for a leisurely, relaxing weekend breakfast!!

It is not a fancy restaurant by any means. It really has a natural, farmy feel to it which really enhances the experience of eating the really fresh tasting foods. The waiters and waitresses are even dressed in jeans!!! The space is extremely small (12 tables) and the hostess said that reservations get filled pretty quick. The night i went, it really was not full. There is a 6 30 and 8 45 seating and reservation ARE required!!!

Now for the food (I have scanned the menu for the night, plus wine lists, and breakfast and lunch menus!!).... the main problem that i had was that there were 2 dishes that i thought were too salty. This was the braised veal that came with the soft egg yolk raviolo and the crisp atlantic skate.
For the first course, i had the spring vegetable salad. Delicious. Fresh vegetables, delicious parmesan cheese, and tangy dressing. My mom had the olive oil poached mackerel which was much more interesting than the salad. The combination of flavors was brilliant! It was really rich and the fish was just so tender.
For the second course, the raviolo dish was ABSOLUTELY delicious. If the veal is consumed at a minimal amount, the balance of the crushed fava beans and the raviolo is PERFECTION. My mom had the hand rolled Garganelli, and again this was equally delicious. The pasta was nice and al dente. It had an amazingly fresh flavor from the lemon and the cauliflower and breadcrumbs gave a crunchy texture which was a nice touch!!
For the third course, i had the crispy skate. I took one bite and had to return is because it was too salty. So they gave me the trio of pork!! Dang... it was delicious. I especially liked the pork that was wrapped in bacon... you can never have too much pig in one bite!!! Anyway, the pork was prepared in three different ways and was plated on top of a apricot sauce and swiss chard. Really really nice dish.
Now for me, the most important part of a meal... DESSERT!!! My Hilltop Farms Honey Napolean was a beautifully constructed, delicious piece of art!! A lime short bread layered with whipped cream, topped with another layer of lime shortbread cookie, with a chunky blackberry compote and topped with another lime shortbread cookie. It came with blackberry sorbet. It was really really good. My boyfriend had the PB Mousse which was good but nothing special and my mom had the cheese plate which came with this really good fig like fruit cake?

All in all, the food was REALLY REALLY good! I bet their breakfast/lunch is really good too. The portion were quite small compared to other places (perfect for me to enjoy each and every bite of everything we were served). I would love to go back!

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  1. i dunno if this is gonna work but im gonnna try to upload the pics here in a separate post!

    1. You are so right about the saltiness of the food. I had the "Soft Egg Yolk Ravioli" for dinner there one night and it was WAY too salty. I informed the waiter, however and not only did they make me a new one (quickly) but they poured a little dessert wine for my husband and I with our cheese course. (Unnecessary, but very thoughtful.)
      I really love this place and now that the main dining room is open (WITH A BAR!) I will be going back soon.

      1. My wife and I went with our son and daughter-in-law in December 2009, were quite disappointed and feel in general that the reviews rate the restaurant too highly. Two of our dishes (scallops on a bed of lentils and lobster with pasta) were much too salty (and I like salt), and, given the comments of others, one wonders why this problem cannot be corrected.

        I've had better service at McDonalds. No valet when I drove into the parking lot, no one cleaned the bread crumbs off the table once we were done with the main course, no one refilled our son's wine glass, and there was a very long wait before we were offered dessert menus. By that time, we were pretty fed up and left without ordering dessert.

        IMHO the portions were also quite small. Even if I had had dessert, I would have still been hungry.

        I don't particularly like the food at Blue Hill, but I will say the service there is impeccable and the food is always well prepared. If Bedford Post wants to be considered at that level, they have to clean up their act - a lot.

        Bedford Post - The Farmhouse
        954 Old Post Road, Bedford, NY 10506

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          It's not my favorite place but the food is hands down better than BHSB. Ok so it may not grow/once lived in the backyard of the resto but it is in general more creative and flavorful. The service at BP was fine but would agree that it is slightly more polished at BHSB but it should be a bit more relaxed at BP. Prices/value about the same. Wouldn't run back to either of them.

          1. re: dixie40

            I totally agree. the Farmhouse is awful - I'd rather eat at arby's