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May 17, 2008 08:24 PM

What is the best cooked fish entree in Manhattan?

Hey Guys,
I find lately that I don't love cooked fish dishes. Every time I have a decent one, even at a high end place, I wish I could trade it for an additional course of raw fish or save my money and get some great sushi the next night. I don't mean shellfish. I LOVE cooked shellfish of all kinds. It's just the grilled, sauteed, fish entrees that recently haven't been doing it for me. So help me fall in love with cooked fish dishes. What's your favorite?

Thanks in advance for your help.


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. fresh used to make this thing called 'kobe tuna' was like the most marbled piece of lightly grilled tuna ever...absolutely delicious.

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          Have to second the black cod miso both at Nobu and En Japanese Brasserie. The Grilled Tuna with peanut sauce at Aquagrill and the Trout at Gramercy Tavern.

      1. At La Petite Auberge, the sauteed whole Dover sole is superb! It's on the dinner specials menu.

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          you mean it's on the a la carte and prix fixe menus, right? The prix fixe menu looks like a good deal. Do you know whether it's only offered during certain hours? I didn't see any meniton on the website. Btw, how's the onion soup?

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            No, I did not mean the "Sole Meuniere" on the a la carte and prix-fixe menus. That dish uses domestic filets. What I was referring to is the imported Dover sole which is sauteed whole and presented that way at the table. You can eat it off the bone, but we always ask the server to filet it, which he or she does at a table at the front of the dining room. Afaik, it's only served at dinner. They don't have it all the time, but when they do, it's a special. That's why it's not listed on the website. Cost: $38.

            I think the onion soup is excellent.

            1. re: RGR

              got it. Thanks for the clarification, RGR - that makes more sense. I would be looking for the preparation you described. In that case, I guess I will be sure to call in advance to make sure it will be on the dinner specials menu the day I would go.

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                When we're interested in having the Dover sole, that's exactly what we always do, uwsgrazer.

        2. Any fish dish at Gramercy Tavern - they're currently doing a spring minestrone of asparagus, fiddle head ferns, and stinging nettles, with poached halibut. They also often have smoked fish on the menu.
          The whole porgy at Esca.
          Grilled branzino with charred leeks and crispy salsify at Momofuku Ssam Bar.

          1. I would try the halibut at Boulez upstairs, a friend of mine that doesnt like cooked fish,absolutely loved it. A different take on cooked fish that you might like is the fried fish at Toon's ( thai style- great taste). As far as not an entree but cooked and great , is the cod fish ball fritter appetizer at Degustation. The Black Cod at Takahachi is good. Le Bernadin has some good fish, but it would be a shame to spend a fortune and be disappointed. Boulez Upstairs and try all the little dishes of fish, including those from the sushi bar Kaiseki style .