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May 17, 2008 08:07 PM

Mulberry Street Italian

I am looking to find the best Italian food on Mulberry street. However, I am looking for one of the places that, when the street is closed down every weekend over the summer, puts tables and chairs outside their restaurant. Perhaps they all do this. I am not necessarily looking for super-authentic, super-exotic or super-expensive food, but just a delicious meal. If this deliciousness coincides with those three aforementioned things, that's fine too.

Your suggestions are appreciated!

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  1. Based on your requirements, I'd suggest to just walk down Mulberry and pick the place with seats outside that looks best to you. There is not much Italian or delicious about Mulberry Street. Nothing will be super authentic or super exotic, so you're safe there.

    1. i don't know if they have seats outside but angelos on mulberry is great.

      1. imho, you will have a hard time finding what I would call a delicious meal on Mulberry Street. There are so many great Italian restaurants in Manhattan, but none of them are there.... any more.

        1. Is Luna's on Mulberry? I forget.

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          1. re: currymouth

            Do you mean Lunella? Yes, between Grand and Broome and it's excellent.

            1. re: SaucyintheCity

              No, Pretty sure it's Luna's, but then again it's been a while.

              1. re: SaucyintheCity

                Hole in the wall, where you have to pass the kitchen to get to small dining room. No out door dining, plates, forks, spoons,glasses don't match. Food is like mama's house in Staten Island. Nothing fancy, just good and filling.

                1. re: currymouth

                  Now that I think about it I'm pretty sure there's a Luna's and a Lunella both on Mulberry St. Never been to Luna's though. sorry.

            2. Luna's has been closed for several years. Last of the good "red sauce" places on the block. Everything else is just a tourist trap. Get you in and seated and all of a sudden family sytle servings and prices.If I cant get to Arthur Ave. I stay home

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              1. re: cutthroat49

                Tis a shame, As you can tell I was never a fan of the new Little Italy. The thought of sitting elbow to elbow with a family from Grand Rapids oohing and ahhing over sub standard so called Italian food held no promise for me. I would rather hit the Olive Garden . At the very least they space their tables out.

                1. re: currymouth

                  Cutthroat, with all due respect, I believe it's revisionist history to call Luna the last good anything.

                  My parents took me there about once a month in the summer from our home in Staten Island. That was the late seventies, to mid eighties. We loved it then.
                  Tried it again with my wife about 8 years ago and were tempted to just get up and leave mid-meal.
                  It was unbelievably bad and apparently had been for many years until it closed.

                  A shame is what it is.