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Toojays Deli

Having been born & spent most of my life in the NYC area, I guess I took good deli (Jewish, Italian, German, etc) for granted.

A couple of years ago, we moved to Melbourne, FL, which is on the Central East Coast of the state. Finding good deli in this area is harder to find than a day in the mid 40's. A Toojays Deli (http://www.toojays.com/ ) is about to open in the area...should I be excited or is it a case of don't get my hopes up? Anybody familiar with this operation?

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  1. I like their pastrami sandwiches and cakes. Whether you should get excited I cannot say.

    1. it is not katz's, but we live 6 months in FL and we go to TooJays for pastrami & corned beef sandwichs. we are happy with them. i don't eat anything else there so cannot speak to the rest of the menu. also, sometimes, the pastrami is fatty, but that is the chance you take with pastrami. not huge sandwiches, but also not as expensive.

      1. TooJay's is VERY popular in Orlando, where I have lived for seven years. They serve breakfast, lunch, dinner, have a great bakery, get crowded at peak eating times, and do not take reservations. Very kid-friendly. They have several locations in Orlando, and they do catering and business lunches as well.

        It has an extensive menu that I would think matches a good NYC deli. Here are just a few that I can think of off the top of my head: potato pancakes, stuffed grape leaves, tuna salad, egg salad, two kinds of chicken salad, pastrami, patty melt, turkey melt, BLT, burgers, GREAT salads, sandwiches (I think the sandwiches are pretty big, they stuff them pretty well), chicken fingers (darn good ones), fries, fruit, cole slaw. The dinner menu has shepherd's pie and other hot dishes that aren't on the lunch menu. The breakfast menu is typical with bagels w/salmon, french toast, pancakes, oatmeal, homefries, maybe waffles (?), etc.

        My favorite thing there is the chicken a la TooJay's sandwich - juicy (not dry) marinated chicken breast, topped with grilled mushrooms, bacon, and munster cheese. It's great with their honey mustard.

        As for bakery items, the banana chocolate dream cake is heaven on earth, as is the chocolate killer cake. They are also famous for their black & white cookies and have numerous other bakery items - napoleons, eclairs, carrot cake, etc.

        1. I've never been to a real New York Deli (I've never been to New York!) but Toojays is pretty good... it's always incredibly crowded so you have to wait ages for a table, but it's worth it. Their desserts are to die for.

          1. Been to the ones in Lake Worth and Palm Beach many times...great breakfast omelets, and I love their chopped salad...the Reuben is fab as are their cold cuts. Pricey, but worth it IMO. Also, if you are a smoked salmon or tongue fan, theirs is to die for...along with good bagels (get there early!). Also they have a fabulous chicken salad tossed with broccoli and red onion in a mustardy sauce. I miss Toojays!

            1. I've eaten at the TooJay's in Plantation, but I thought it sucked.

              Check out offthebroiler.com. Jason has a writeup and pics of one in Tampa I believe.

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                well it certainly LOOKS delicious, but i suppose looks can be deceiving

              2. Personally I don't think Toojays bears any resemblance whatsoever to an authentic NY deli. No way, no, not at all.

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                  But in many places in Florida that don't have large populations of Jews and other transplanted New Yorkers, it's the best you're going to get. I've been to Katz's in New York and Rascal House on North Miami Beach, and Toojay's isn't nearly as authentic as they are. But that doesn't mean it isn't any good. It fills a void in places like Orlando, and as long as I'm living here, I'll continue to enjoy it.

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                    Yeah! You and me and everyone else in Orlando! :)

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                    NY, Detroit, Cleveland, Chicago, etc.

                    It's better than Schlotzky's.

                  3. Be excited. I moved from NY to FL and then to Atlanta, where they do not know what pastrami is. They microwave it!!!! I would be thrilled if Toojays was coming here!!!! Their deli is wonderful and their bread is great. They also have bagels and lox (only nova, but at least you can get that). Their soup is good. And they serve mini black & whites. Be excited...very excited!!!!

                    1. Thanks for the feedback everyone!

                      When they do open, I'll be there to try it & report back.