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May 17, 2008 05:38 PM

ISO Polynesian/Chinese on North Shore, MA

...and the tackier the better. I'm trying to surprise my husband by recreating our very first road trip, back in the fall of 1993. We were driving from Boston to Portsmouth and we stopped somewhere for lunch. I can't remember the restaurant's name other than it was on a busy commercial strip (it wasn't Bali Hai) and may have been on Route 1.

The food was cheap but not particularly good. From Googling it seems as though many of these types of restaurants have closed, so maybe this restaurant has become a dry cleaner's or something. It doesn't have to be the same restaurant, of course, but I'm looking for this kind of restaurant that has the Chinese astrology placemats, the drinks that you've never heard of - like the Apu Apu vibe. I'm not looking to have a great meal - this is about nostalgia - so don't worry about directing me to a "Best of...." type place.

Is Tiki Lau still around? It looks like it was under new management. If it's the same place I'm thinking of, I stopped by there with my parents in the early 80s. Wow.

Any suggestions appreciated!

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  1. Was it Kowloon? It's on Route 1 in Saugus. Huge, Tiki-tacky and still has all those drinks like scorpion bowls and the volcano on the wall!

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      No, it wasn't Kowloon (I'd definitely remember that entryway!) - but that looks like it's worth hitting at any rate!

    2. could it have been the old Diamond Head on rte 1? i think Polcari's is there now.

      1. Was it Weilu's? now closed. If you want a time warp go to Bali Hai, it's aweful in it's own pleasant way, plus the neighbor cats all wink at the chef as they walk buy the back door!

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