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May 17, 2008 05:22 PM

Help - Freezer cold, Fridge not, and getting warmer

I have a smallish GE fridge, with a small freezer compartment on top. Today, the freezer is just fine (I have thermometers in both), but the fridge is warm and getting warmer - now up to 60 degrees. I read the manual, and one possibility was that the air duct in the freezer were blocked by things in the freezer, and my husband removed some items so that that wouldn't be an issue. I'll call GE on Monday for a service appointment, but would be ever so grateful if anyone has any ideas as to why this could be happening.

The temp. dial is turned up to 9, which is as cold as it gets.


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    1. Funny, same thing happened to my big side-by side a few nights ago. Turns out that the ice maker has some kind of a leak. I eventually turned the ice maker off, found and fished out a sheet of ice in the ice bin, and things got back to normal (other than I have to have the ice maker or the water delivery system fixed). It took me over night (from late afternoon to very early morning) to figure out the problem. The contents of the ref were getting warmer and warmer. Panic was setting in.

      What has happened with yours since last night?

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      1. re: Sam Fujisaka

        The fridge is a couple of degrees cooler, but still warm. I don't have an ice maker. Glad you figured out your issue. I don't have much that will go bad - mostly condiments and some vegetables that will survive! Just hoping my nice Tasmanian trout will be ok for dinner.

        Thanks mlgb for those links - I'll take a look.

      2. Mine did this several years ago - I could not get a repair person out for 2 weeks! One took pity on me and helped trouble shoot between his stops. It turned out that my cats had "lost" numerous toys under the fridge and that & the accumulated dust bunnies were blocking some coils. I lay on my belly with a yardstick covered with reversed duct tape in order to fish the stuff out...That man was so kind!

        As soon as I realized there was a problem I put dry ice in, so I didn't loose anything. I always keep a thermometer in my refrigerator - had one go just warm enough to create nasties - learned my lesson! Hope to never repeat that again.

        Good luck!

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        1. re: meatn3

          Thanks - I called GE this am and they are coming tomorrow afternoon. Temp down to 52, but mold growing on my asiago. Made penne carbonara to use up eggs and bacon. I do have thermometers in both the fridge and freezer. I'll report back!

        2. Well, repairman came and we need a new fan, which won't happen until next Tuesday as they need to order the part. Bye bye to the contents of my freezer. The fridge is about 50 degrees and I'm hoping to save my vast collection of condiments. If I'm being foolish, please advise!

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          1. re: MMRuth

            They really couldn't get a fan til Tuesday?!

            Maybe a friend/neighbor would lend you some space for the most expensive items, in return for a home cooked meal for some of the defrosting contents?

            I know some things don't really need refrigeration. Should say so on the container.

            meatn3's idea of dry ice isnt bad if you can find some. Just don't open the fridge any more than necessary and it should stay cool for a while.

            1. re: mlgb

              Thanks - it did occur to me that the neighbor downstairs (pied a terre) has an empty fridge and I have her keys, so checking into that. I think I'll just shop day by day until Tuesday - which is kind of what we do anyway. Was just sad about the freezer contents!

              1. re: MMRuth

                If the stuff in the freezer is still frozen then the dry ice will keep it 'til then, especially if the freezer is full. Wrap the dry ice in newspaper & have some heavy gloves to handle it. My fridge & freezer survived 5 days in this manner until that repairman took pity on me!

                There are a fair number of condiments which you can probably salvage. Anything with high vinegar or high sugar content (both have preservative properties) will probably be ok, especially if you can use the neighbors fridge. Pickles, mustard, Worcestershire, jam, chutney, olives I personally would be apt to keep.

                Sorry you have such a headache to deal with! I'm two weeks into dealing with repairmen for some water damage and enjoying it less each day...

                1. re: meatn3

                  Thanks! The freezer had had its own problems a month or so ago, and a lot of thing thawed, so, for once, I'm erring on the side of caution.

            2. re: MMRuth

              That is really, really terrible. That night I was figuring out what was wrong was a nighmare (and my ref is giant and stuffed). That night I also froze big tubs of ice to put into the ref.

            3. MMRuth, last month I went through a refrigerator panic also. I have large, separate units for fridge & freezer; freezer at zero degrees, fridge is normally 38 but hit 45 in the AM and was on the way up. Two 10# blocks of ice kept it quite cold for several days. The repairman told me that if he hadn't been able to get the necessary part (under warranty, thank you Sub Zero) 1# of dry ice for the reefer would have sufficed. I had no clue about the amount but he absolutely swore that a pound would hold all contents. BTW, this fridge is +/- 20 cu ft, if that helps with size & amount.