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May 17, 2008 05:14 PM

Charlotte really great rotisserie chicken Pio Pio

I have found the best rotisserie chicken in Charlotte at Pio Pio. A new place behind the Outback Steak place on East Blvd, all the way at the back of the parking lot located to the right of Tally's (which is closing by the way). Pio Pio marinates the chicken for great flavor and it is also nice and juicy. It is offered with rice and beans, and either green or ripe plantains. If you prefer, you can have it served with a wonderful chicken soup and salad with avacado and a light dressing. They bring two sauces to the table a garlic and a hot, both are fantastic. They own several restaurants in the New York area and this is the first in Charlotte. I don't know if they learned to make this chicken in NY or in Columbia but I am glad they are making it and that they have arrived in Charlotte. This place is the real deal and I defy you to find better chicken. It is poultry in motion

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  1. I ate there friday night, and loved it. Very reasonable prices. If you didn't try it the first time, get the sangria the next time you go. It's the best sangria I've had.

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    1. re: ickymettle

      We had lunch at Pio Pio today. They may be a little hard to find, off East Blvd. way in the back of the shopping center behind the Outback and to the right of what was Tally's Grocery. The location has hard a hard time. First it was a pretty decent Catalan /Spanish restaurant. The food was good but the owners may have lacked restaurant experience. Next it was City Hot Dog which I never liked.
      Now it is Pio Pio . The quality is great. It is a simple menu done perfectly. I had a 1/4 rotisserie chicken with rice and beans and sweet plantains. It was fantastic. Simple, but I really enjoyed my lunch. Tasty, healthy, great flavor and reasonable prices. What else can you ask for.?

      1. re: GodfatherofLunch

        I think Pio Pio is a chain. Not that that bothers me. But I think they are other places. I was kind of sad to see the little City Hot Dogs place go. They had a good veggie dog. And I am so sad for Talley's to leave. That is sad they couldn't survive EarthFAre and all those other giants.

        1. re: Chocolate Toe

          Yes PIO PIO is a small chain, they have several restaurants in Queens NY. This is new to Charlotte and if you enjoy chicken you will love it.
          It is a shame about Tally's. Perhaps this will help Home Economist survive.
          Home Economist has something new going on. A catering company called Leah's Catering has taken over a section of the deli and they are serving some really nice mid-eastern /Lebanese food. The food is available both to take home or eat there. They have added some tables and chairs and created a small dining area. I cant wait to do lunch. I brought home some of the falafel and it was excellent.
          On another note I must admit I look forward to Trader Joe's opening on Kings drive this summer.

          1. re: GodfatherofLunch

            I have an appointment on Ordermore on Friday so I may just have to drop in on Poi Poi. I am so sad about Talley's. I really loved their soup and salad bar and all of the great samples they used to have on the table behind it. The parking over there is unfortunate. Speaking of unfortunate parking, I also can't WAIT for the new TJ's to open up there so it can ease the parking congestion in South Charlotte. It's gotten a little better lately but they really need to repaint that lot. The spots are way too small.

            1. re: southernitalian

              Drive around to the back parking lot- makes the whole TJ experience much more pleasant :)

              1. re: southernitalian

                I look forward to your impressions. My bet is you love it!
                I too cant wait for Trader Joe's to open on kings drive near the Metropolitan.
                I have come to love certain products that they carry. They sell a whole wheat english muffin that they call a whole wheat British Muffin that is so much better than the Thomas product. I have one of these with lite Cream Cheese and smoked salmon for breakfast sometimes and I love it.

                1. re: southernitalian

                  Just want you to be sure and look for PIO PIO .
                  If you go to poi poi you will wind up at a luau and not get the fantastic chicken.

                  1. re: GodfatherofLunch

                    I drove by the other day. Pretty hard to miss what with the poor b*st*rd dressed up like a chicken on the sidewalk on East. WTF? It had to be 95 degrees. I was so disturbed that I kept going. I have to be up there again on Wednesday. I do hear great things about the sangria but as it will be in the middle of my work day, the sangria will have to wait. I really hope that guy isn't out there.

                    1. re: southernitalian

                      your post really cracked me up. Did you intend to eat there and were you so disturbed that you kept going.? You could have called the ASPCA. I don't know if the "poor b*st*rd" as you put it is a male female or fowl. I can tell you they are very nice people and perhaps you don't like the way this chicken is treated but I am sure you will love the treatment the chicken on your plate receives.

                      1. re: southernitalian

                        and yes the Sangria is really really good.

                        1. re: artlee

                          Please describe this sangria. Hpw do they make it?

                          1. re: southernitalian

                            not sure. It is a deep red and has a very strong kick, plenty of fruit flavor, not a lot of floating fruit. I had just one and I felt it. Of course I am kind of a wimp, but still.

                            1. re: southernitalian

                              Your post cracked me up too - HA! I'm VERY picky about my sangria as I sense you may be as well. Often times you get some nasty jug wine w/ fruit and it's horrid. I found a great recipe on epicurious a few years back. I love the addition of cointreau and brandy.

                              Here's a link:

                              There's an interesting looking recipe in this month's Gourmet too. They add pureed green apples & grapes. I'm not typically big on white sangria but I may have to give this one a try.


            2. Have you been to Los Paisas on South Blvd.? It's another Colombian place with rotisserie chicken -- any comparison?

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              1. re: HungryGrayCat

                I have tried all of the places on South Blvd. I really mean it -
                Pio Pio Rules the Hen house when it comes to Chicken. They are poultry in motion.

              2. How does the chicken at Pio Pio compare to that at the Roasting Company? They may well be birds of a different feather, but never having had Peruvian-style rotisserie chicken, I'm looking for a point of comparison.

                Funny thing about the Roasting Company, I always seem to be a little disappointed when I go there, but after a few years go by, I get a craving for their food again.

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                1. re: Low Country Jon

                  I have been to the roasting company and the chicken is in the same ball park as at the chicken at Boston Market. I feel very Ho Hum about both.
                  Pio Pio on the other hand has great flavor and very moist with a crispy skin.
                  Like Shakira's hips these birds don't lie.

                2. Alright, kudos Godfather.

                  Went to Pio Pio today for lunch and it was just like you said. The chicken was terrific - very moist and flavorful; totally didn't need the dipping sauces, although both were good. The rice and beans were nice; the plantains awesome.

                  The only thing I would suggest to them is to ditch the white tablecloths. If we could eat that good chicken on bare wood tables, it would be better. The white is out of place, in my opinion.

                  Oh, and they have your original report printed and taped to the front door!

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                  1. re: mcap

                    Agree with more know the chicken is FRESH when there are still feathers on the wing....

                    1. re: mcap

                      Perhaps you don't need the dipping sauces. The lighter green colored one is garlic and the darker green sauce is hot. I think I'm addicted. It burns so good !!!!!!!!!!!!!

                      1. re: GodfatherofLunch

                        I'm on board here too. The chicken is very good. And I agree the dipping sauces are unusual and good -- with a kick!

                        1. re: artlee

                          I keep coming back again and again. I have invited many friends and they all love this fantastic food.
                          The chicken, pork chops, calamari, sangria,,rice, beans, plantains, tilapia, the flan oh did I mention the chicken?. Just goes to show you - serve great food and word of mouth spreads and folks will beat a path to you door.

                          1. re: GodfatherofLunch

                            I have been dieting and eating a lot of chicken. Due to a fear of starting to cluck and lay eggs, today for lunch I had the steak instead of the chicken. I enjoyed it very much, it was well seasoned and quite tender. It is not a thick steak house steak, but for a lunch special under $10 it was excellent. Served with the rice, beans and plantains I was a happy Godfather at Pio Pio yet again

                    2. I went there again Friday night, and it was packed! Usually my party had been one of four or five there, but every table was full on Friday, and there was even a wait. I was very glad to see that.

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                      1. re: ickymettle

                        Need to do a post bump... the chicken here was AMAZING! Started with a quarter, but after taking 2 bites of that moist, crispy goodness, had to call the waiter over to add another quarter! Nice sweet plantains and crispy Yuca rounds out the meal.

                        Was at CLT airport and overheard another fan describing the juicy chicken to a arriving visitor and had to butt in! Can't wait to get back to CLT and Pio Pio!