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where can i get abita purple haze?

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i wanted to get some abita purple haze and haven't found a liquor store that carries this variety (wally's and vendome sell abita amber). any ideas of a store that might have this. ocean to downtown ok.

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  1. BevMo carries Abita. They may have that one.

    1. Try High Times in Costa Mesa - call first; they are very helpful. The have a huge selection of everything.

      1. You might call Galcos (sodapopstop.com) to check and see if they have it.

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          Yup, I was there the other day and saw Purple Haze on the shelves

        2. Any BevMo. One of our friends loves it and so we stock up there.

          1. I have some in my fridge right now, bought from BevMo. Now--can anyone let me know if they find the equally amazing Abita root beer? Best I've ever had.

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              HiTime has both Purple Haze and Root Beer, tho Costa Mesa is quite a way to drive for it. They do ship if you're really desparate for it.

            2. Beverage Warehouse in Mar Vista usually carries it...


              1. thanks everyone!!! very much appreciated.

                1. I've also found it at Cap'n Cork's, on Hillhurst in Los Feliz -- but they don't always have it. I'm very excited to hear from the others that they have it at BevMo -- a Purple Haze would taste great in this weather.

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                      Second Cost Plus. The one at Westwood and Santa Monica has it every time I'm there.

                    2. the third stop (bar), on 3rd street, just west of la cienega carries purple haze. The liquor store on the corner of crescent heights and wilshire carries six packs of abita amber and purple haze, as well as turbodog.