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May 17, 2008 04:09 PM

LA - what would blow you away if you've been everywhere

We're invited to a wedding for a business associate of my husband. They are young, VERY rich, very LA (she's in television, he's a multimillionaire at 40)...we're not going to get them a toaster.

We were thinking a GC to a super fab LA restaurant. I'm sure they've already been to it (whatever it is), but oh well. I know they like Sushi, so we were thinking Nobu (we don't eat Sushi, plus we're old, so we don't even know if that's still "in" or not).

They live in Toluca Lake but will probably travel anywhere within reason.

What restaurant GC would you be impressed with if you opened it? And what amount would you feel would completely cover the meal?

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  1. I think the standard answer here would be Urasawa. I've not been, but I think the gift certificate would have to be for at least $700 to cover the cost of the meal and drinks.

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      agree - this is the only place in la that would even make a dent of an impression on these two (based on your description/industry/wealth). and for $700/800 - you could probably give them something much more thoughtful that would last longer than a meal. i think urasawa is amazing, but for a wedding gift? not sure.

      1. re: dtud

        Agreed... Urasawa on Rodeo Drive. Nothing else compares.... But you would need at least $800 to cover the meal if they drink. Less if they don't.

    2. Three or four hundred bucks at Providence would guarantee a great meal, especially if they like fish. It's not sushi, but it's still something special.

      Nobu still gets high marks from the trendy crowd, but I don't think their food is considered cutting edge any longer.

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        I agree, I think Providence is the best choice. Providence is certainly do-able for $400 (or less) but I would make it for $500 if that's affordable for you. And by the way, a $400-$500 gift is by no means cheap by L.A. standards! You are definitely being very generous. And while we are not richie riches like your couple, we would certainly appreciate such a gift. (An engraved toaster or something like that wouldn't appeal to us at be honest, we hated most of the gifts we got that weren't on the registry...clutter that I've been gradually throwing out as my guilt lessens...I would MUCH prefer a nice restaurant experience to a lasting gift that is not on the registry.)

      2. A year (?) or so back there was discussion on the L.A. board of a "secret" beef restaurant, I believe on Pico, that was multi-course, expensive, and exclusive. No name on the door, invitation only -- that sort of thing. I don't recall all of the details but if I had to guess I'd say that a likely poster or commenter was russkar. Probably doesn't help much, as I do remember that the reviewer was thrilled to be given the chef/owner's card at the end of the meal with an offer to call and come back... But hey, if you can figure out a connection, this may be the kind of "in" that would make a special gift.

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          1. re: nosh

            It's a secret no more, but still requires invite only. Amazingly, I have a hookup and I still haven't gone. The custom is to bring an impressive bottle of wine to the chef and if he likes you, you get reinvited and then you're in for good. My friend who is "initiated" said that one of his dining partners (who is a wine buyer) brought a $300 bottle of wine and was embarrassed once he saw what other people were bringing the chef.

            1. re: fooddude37

              Where I come from, they call this a "scam," not a restaurant.

              1. re: glutton

                Well then I guess there's a lot of scams at high end Tokyo restaurants. This isn't the only restaurant like this.

          2. Why not a limo well-stocked with champagne and other treats and a progressive dinner with a few friends at their favorite restaurants? It would be expensive, no doubt, but memorable.

            1. OK, I guess I've had my comeuppance. First of all, THEY are multimillionaires, not us. And getting them a GC to a place you can't get into? Not gonna happen.

              So, rephrasing my question...what would you get an LA couple who has everything, likes to go out to eat, maybe in the $400 - 500 range (is that really cheap in LA? It's a more than generous wedding gift anywhere else).

              Hoping for a little more down to earth suggestions - I know I said "blow you away" in my title but I had no idea the winds blew so strongly in LA!

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                Folks, we had to remove some posts about gift ideas unrelated to food. This board's narow purpose is to find declioiusness in the L.A. region, so please keep your suggestions coming about local sources of great chow.