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May 17, 2008 03:32 PM

Best Dim Sum in Houston

As of this very moment (we all know that things change rapidly), who has the best dim sum in Houston?

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  1. my vote is for fung's kitchen.

    FYI, robb walsh just reviewed a new dim sum place called hong kong dim sum in chinatown where dim sum is served daily by ordering from a menu.

    1. I do like Fung's, and usually go back and forth between there and Ocean Palace and Kim Son in Stafford, but I can't help but think (and hope) that there's a little-known gem amongst the better known places.

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      1. re: foodpro13

        I was not impressed by Ocean Palace the last time I went there (about one year ago). I take my dim sum seriously and I thought everything there was a bit bland and smushy (I'm not sure why this adjective leaped to mind, but it did). I look forward to trying another place (possibly Fung's?) on this year's trip to Houston.

        1. re: foodpro13

          I'm not sure why so many people recommend Kim Son in Stafford.. my husband and I have gone twice and didnt like it at all. We actually just left after 2 dishes the last visit. My husband chalked it up to his being Chinese. He also cant stand the dim sum at the Kim Son on Bellaire.
          Our favorites are Fung's and Golden Palace.

        2. The original comment has been removed