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May 17, 2008 02:52 PM

Kirara Gone!

Went to eat in Kirara on Carmine St. this week and was distressed to find out that it had closed last week (for ever). So... any recommendations for a new sushi stop for me below 14th St?
I'm not fussy, just looking for somewhere with good food that is reasonably priced.

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  1. well, on the east side, i heartily recommend esashi on A @ 3rd....west of that a little tougher. loved kirara and loved hedeh, which has been replaced by an inferior place whose name i forget. A amidge pricier, but always good? Aki. have you tried?

    1. Bummer! In that neighborhood, I'd go with Aki on W. 4th.

      1. Bummer-- it was my default place. Tried AJA on Friday for delivery-- eh. Sushi sashimi combo was like (good) supermarket take out. Nothing special. SUGGESTIONS NEEDED for takeout/delivery in West Village!

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          Yeah Aja was terrible. It's too bad Soto doesn't do takeout... I recommend Ushi Wakamaru.

        2. Sushi Yawa on 8th St ( I know, sounds impossible!), between 6th Ave & 5th Ave, uptown side. Really, really good and cheap. They have daily specials fresh from Japan and the staff are so sweet and courteous. Try the spicy salmon skin salad. This is kind of the Tomoe model in the old days. Not the huge pieces that were kind of gross, but it is an equal value.

          1. This is incredibly sad to read. This was our regular delivery and sure-to-get-a-seat on the weekends place, until we moved out of the neighborhood in August.

            Anyone know what happened?