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long booze soaked lunch-into-dinner ?

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Here is the catch, its for monday. My friend wants to eat and drink from 1 to 8. I thought of spotted pig and otto but I want something less high end theme-restaurant. We can also hit more than one place, maybe working down (she gets in to penn station and leaves via chinatown bus...).

Thanks for any ideas...

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  1. Not sure about the booze-soaked part but this might help:

    1. The Mercer Hotel? I kid, I kid.....

      Perry Street for great prix-fixe lunch and then off to Centro Vinoteca. Open all day...


      1. fun question!...

        here are two options:

        -- go to Balthazar and sit in the bar area...get a salad (the Balthazar salad or the trout/spinach), some oysters, a carafe of wine...linger, try to get one of the wooden booths...maybe dessert...then after walking around Soho a bit, hit n33 (33 Crosby St) for sherries/wines/cocktails plus tapas...from there you are a quick cab or a 15 walk to the Chinatown bus...

        -- or, go to Lucien, a great afternoon lingering place, and get endive salade, salmon or bouillabaise or duck, a bottle or more of wine...from there, you could also hit n33, or maybe enoteca in the LES...

        -- another option, since she gets in at Penn Station is to start in the pub room at Keens Steakhouse (though you might want to check their Monday hours), where they have a fried-chicken/blue-cheese salad, smaller portions of prime rib, and the best single-malt scotch and small-batch bourbon selection in the city...and from there you could move on to one of the above-mentioned downtown spots...

        have fun

        1. Cafe Gitane


          1. thanks everyone, lots of good threads and ideas, oddly I think we might start with a drink at Keen's only to actually eat at Szechuan Gourmet by the library and go from there...