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May 17, 2008 02:03 PM

Any Ideas for Garlic Sausage?

I bought some garlic sausage links (looks like Italian sausage). Any recipe suggestions? I was thinking of slicing it into smaller pieces and serving with pasta, but that seems a little boring. Any suggestions?

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  1. Slice green & red bell peppers, onion/s, garlic. Assuming these are fresh sausages, separate the links but don't slice them in rounds. Put into a sauté pan, cover with water and cook them for 8 minutes. Remove sausages to a plate and discard the water. In EVOO sautee the peppers, onions and garlic till "brown around the gills." (my technical term for wilted) Return sausages to pan and continue cooking (med. low heat) till sausages are cooked through. You can add black pepper or red peper flakes if you wish....sometimes I add balsamic vinegar. You can put a sausage & the veggies into a roll, or serve the combo with rice, a baked potato...or anything else you like.

    Obviously, if you don't have either color pepper you can use whatever you have - or indeed any other veggie.....they're also terrific grilled.

    1. Garlic sausague can usually do quite well in the oven too (if it is not too fat). The one I get from the local butcher is great baked in the oven with a little liquid in the bottom of the pan and covered with tin foil with a few holes. I usually make it with potatoes au gratin, baked beans or something else that needs a long bake. Love the smell in the house when roasting garlic sausage.

      1. Here's a thought for any store-bought sausage: If you have a charcoal grill, smoke them. The flavor is totally different than grilled or done inside. Hard to explain, but they are transformed. With something like a Weber Kettle, make one or two med. fires on the sides, add a couple of wood chunks, run all vents open and cover, doing the sausage "indirect" over a drip pan. 30 min on one side, then 30 min on the other. Fabulous.

        BTW, remember that when you cut into the sausage, there will be a red ring around the perimeter... it is not undercooked, it's a smoke ring. If it were undercooked, the edge would be gray, and the center pink (the opposite of what you see).

        1. Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I will try them all when I have the chance. For this batch of sausage I used a recipe that I found on the internet, which was amazing. It was called Cannellini Bean & Garlic Sausage Cassouolet. Here's the link to the recipe: