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May 17, 2008 01:42 PM

mochi for frozen yogurt...

Does anyone know where to get the little mochi cubes they use as a topping for frozen yogurt? I live in the peninsula and would love to snack on those little suckers...

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  1. Try looking for them in Korean markets. They sell those at Koreana Plaza on Telegraph in Oakland.

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      u/d...kclb has it right. For the record, Koreana Plaza has it next to the kakigori/shave ice section, so maybe check there (the one I get is a blue rectangle package from Dae Doo Foods) at Kukje too.

    2. The mochi I know are the frozen ones with ice cream inside. I'm not sure if we are both referfing to the same mochi. I don't know if theres a Ranch 99 - a Chinese Supermarket, in your area. They may have them there.


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        You're talking about mochi ice cream sold in the frozen section and much larger than what peppaty is talking about. I think she's talking about the tiny cubes of mochi sprinkled on top of frozen yogurt so they're about gummy bear size. Sorry, don't know where to buy them, but wouldn't they be the same as buying regular mochi and just cutting them into smaller pieces? I bet you can find them either in Japantown in San Francisco or San Jose.

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          Yeah, I think they just dice mochi. I've seen lots of recipes that call for doing that.

          1. re: Robert Lauriston

            ...which would still require plain, fresh mochi.

            You can try your local japanese market (like a Nijiya) for the real Japanese kind. Don't get the previously frozen stuff - the texture is not the same! Koreana Plaza has the flat, disc-like kind for soup - not great for snacking out of the bag. And of course, if you are looking for mochi with filling, you can't beat Benkyo-do in Japantown SF>

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              I haven't ever seen them in Japanese grocery stores. I've heard you can get them at Kukje Supermarket in Daly City, but I haven't checked personally. You can buy mochi at any Japanese store, but you might have to cut them into little pieces yourself.

              1. re: cornflower55

                Yup! You're right! You can get them at Kukje Supermarket according to froyo girl:

      2. Hankook market in Santa Clara has the frozen yogurt mochi (small marshmallow like cubes). I think it's around $3 a pack.

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