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May 17, 2008 01:32 PM

East San Antonio

We are staying out at Randolph over Memorial Day Weekend. Are there any recommended restaurants out in that direction? I seem to remember a complex just off the freeway between Randolph and the airport but I cannot remember the name. It has a number of buildings and lots of trees. (Big help, huh?)

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  1. Fiesta Patio on Pat Booker Rd. (This is the main road that runs right into the Randolph Base entrance). This place has healthier Mexican food, but does not sacrifice on taste. Great puffy tacos. The shopping center you are talking about is the Forum. There are mostly chain restaurants there, but some are specific to San Antonio. You can hit up Las Palapas for breakfast tacos. There is a thai restaurant there too that I remember having decent pad thai.

    1. There is Harmon's BBQ in Cibolo and also Catelano's Pizza they are next door to each
      other,except you cross the railroad tracks to get to Catelano's. Main Street in Cibolo past Weiderstein Elementary school,near the bowling alley is closed but there is a detour to take you back to FM1103.
      There is Loretta's Finest Soul Food on FM 78 in Schertz,which will also take you to Cibolo and the two places mentioned.Don't know if Goerke's Country tavern has a website.That's the places name, but it really is a restaurant that severs,bbq,steaks and other things.To get Harmon's you go 78 from Randolph and follow it towards Seguin,turn left on Loop 536,and follow it till you come to the blinking like by St.Paul's Church.Make a left, and Harmon's is on your right hand side.

      Also on Pat Booker is Figlio,Savarino's and Papa Dante for italian food.Up near the Forum in Live Oak on your left hand side is Bangkok Thai Cusine which has gotten good reviews in the paper. Bangkok is as you are going up to the Live Oak Regal Cinema.