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May 17, 2008 01:29 PM

Fresh Pasta @ Dominick's?

Went to Dominick's often when I was younger, was going to take some friends there tonight... but as my tastes have changed and they have no menu, I'm trying to remember whether their pasta was fresh/homemade---anyone know? Otherwise we might just go to Roberto's, but I like the idea of giving them the whole Dominick's experience.

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  1. i dont think domionicks has fresh pasta, robertos is considerably better food..go there instead

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    1. re: intrepid

      Although I agree that Dominick's does not use fresh pasta, I would have to strongly differ on your assesment of their food. IMHO Dominick's is the better of the two. Get the stuffed artichokes, stuffed peppers, some linguini calamari and I promise happiness.

      1. re: SpiceJunkies

        imho, i strongly disagree, robertos better, enjoy

    2. they are both good Arthur Ave. choices, but for different reasons...Roberto's has a N.Y.C. vibe going as well as more contemporary takes on Italian cuisine...while Dominick's is a 'legendary' Italian-American experience with familiar dishes...One thing for sure, both have bustle and long waits...

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        gutreactions... have you thought of running for political office??? lolololol enjoy