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May 17, 2008 01:17 PM

Just Us Cafe - both locations closed?

I recently noticed that the Queen West location of Just Us Cafe has closed down. (Apparently, it's going to be replaced with another cafe called Greenavi.)

I was curious if the Queen East location has shut down as well. Anyone from out in those parts have the scoop? If so, any plans to replace it with anything?

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  1. Will the Queen W loc be the same owners? I found they had great organic pastries (albiet pricey at almost $3 for a muffin) and they had good intentions but they didn't become a regular spot for me...

    1. Sometime in March I walked into the Queen W location and just as I was about to pay,I was told that it was on the house as it was their last day. Was told that it was a "management decision"

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        Well, after my original post, I did what I probably should've done in the first place and checked out the Just Us website, where the "Caf├ęs" page no longer lists either Toronto location. That combined with the "management decision" line suggests that they've pulled out of Toronto completely.

      2. the queen east location shut down just recently for something like two weeks, but it reopened. As of last week they were still open for business, but i think they may have changed management. I have a friend that knew people that worked there before the recent closing/reopening and she said they had all left and found different jobs.

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        1. re: Bias

 was only opened for a year!!

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            Q-E was open 2 weeks ago when I passed by.

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            Someone has a cafe open there "proudly serving" Just Us coffee, it is not a Just Us cafe anymore though.

          3. Gregclow I heard that the owner claimed bankruptcy and left. That is the word
            on the street. Both locations are gone.

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            1. re: foodieinTO

              The Queen Street West location has reopened as Greenavi Cafe....still serving organic coffee and pastries. Good to see as I really enjoyed the atmosphere of the old place and the comfy chairs and tables. The reopened cafe also has free Wifi.....woo hoo!