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May 17, 2008 01:12 PM

Homemade sausage - need advice

I used my KitchenAid sausage stuffer to make some English Bangers. The finished sausages were great, but I had some touble feeding the mixture through the stuffer. It almost seemed like there was an air bubble stoping the mix from going through the auger. Has anyone experienced the same thing?


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  1. would you mind sharing your recipe for the bangers, please? thanks.

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      Here are three i have used:

      Got this off the www about 10 years ago.

      4-lb Pork
      16 leaves Fresh Sage
      2 tsp Nutmeg
      2 tsp Ginger powder
      ½ tsp Marjoram
      1tsp Salt

      Push the pork through the meat grinder. Add the other ingredients. Push through grinder a second time. Form patties.

      Beef Bangers

      2 lbs Beef Chuck with visible marbling

      2 cups Bread Crumbs made from fresh bread in a processor

      2 1/4 Tsp Kosher Salt

      1 Tsp Ground Black Pepper

      1/2 tsp mace, thyme, nutmeg, coriander

      2 Organic Egg Yolks

      Cut the meat into cubes. Push through grinder. Combine the meat with the other ingredients. Push through the grinder a second time. Put in casings or make into patties and freeze or use.

      British Bangers

      Don't remember where I got this one. But it works for those who do not have a meat grinder attachment.

      1/2 lb Lean pork, ground
      1/2 lb Lean veal, ground
      6 oz Pork fat, ground
      3 pieces fresh white bread with crust, finely chopped in processor
      1 tsp Salt
      1/4 tsp Black Pepper
      1/4 tsp Cayenne
      1/8 tsp Grated nutmeg
      1/8 tsp Mace
      1/8 tsp Dried thyme
      1/8 tsp Dried marjoram
      1 tsp Dried sage
      1 tsp Loosely packed finely grated lemon peel
      1 large Organic Egg

      Knead together the pork, veal, fat, and bread. Stir the salt, pepper,
      cayenne, nutmeg and mace, thyme, marjoram, sage, and lemon peel into
      the egg, then knead into the meat mixture. Firmly stuff the mixture
      into prepared hog casings. Prick any air pockets with a pin. Poach,
      braise, or fry them before serving. The raw sausages can be
      refrigerated for 3 days, poached or braised sausages for 1 week. They
      can also be frozen, raw, poached, or braised, for 3 months Makes 2
      lbs raw sausage

      1. You may be experiencing a fat build up in the know for sure this is the problem if you get any "gray" extruded substance....All you have to do is take the machine back down to where you can see the disks and remove it. Be sure to put the blades back the same way each time (keeps them sharper and in good working order..I mark mine with a permanent X) In the future you may want to start your sausage out by cutting as much of the sinew off as possible and just add chunks of regular fat to keep them moist.

        I used to make my sausages...including bangers in casings, but now I just make them into patties and freeze them because most of the time I take them out of the casing for cooking anyway. It's a lot faster too.

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          The meat was already ground and seasoned, so I wasn't using a disk, just the stuffing tube.

        2. KitchenAid stuffer attachments are, at best, cumbersome. Make sure that your meat is very cold before putting in the attachment. Save yourself some frustration and invest in a separate sausage stuffer. The Cabelas website has the best deals on stuffers. I teach sausage making classes and make sausage professionally. Good luck!

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            The Cabelas...what a great web site! Thanks for sharing. Learned something new. And the stuffers look worthy!