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May 17, 2008 01:09 PM

Brasserie Le Pois Penche

Found a new restaurant corner Drummond/De Maissoneuve. Went for brunch, delightful. It is elegant, great service, and wonderful omelettes, baguettes, croissants and home made jams. Dinner menu looks great too. Excellent cafe au lait. Has anyone tried it?

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  1. I pass by there every day and hope to try it soon, they've installed tables and chairs outside on the sidewalk.

    1. From all the bad reviews it has garnered in the local papers, I don't think I'll ever spend a penny there. A bad imitation of Balthazar at best, or so I heard from a food writer. Besides, it's part of the Morentsos empire which I'm not a great fan of.

      1. I've tried it for dinner, food was good, I had the lobster and crab cakes as an appetizer, followed by the herb crusted rack of lamb, both were very fresh, and the lamb cooked to perfection, even though it took forever to receive our main course after the appetizer (the restaurant wasnt full, and the basement section was closed)

        Service wise, it's definitly not up to the task, at least when i went, very very slow, not that attentive, which is odd considering the omnipresent service they have a Queue or Trinity.

        1. I tried Pois Penché at lunchtime this Monday. Since a lot of folks were on vacation, the place was not crowded at all. The seafood bar looked lovely, I have to say.

          My friend had the table d'hôte, which included soup (cream of mushroom -- I did not taste it but he said it tasted of mushroom so that's good). He also had the rabbit risotto, which was delicious from the bite I took and very filling according to him.

          Because I wanted to eat light, I went for the Niçoise salad, which was topped with three slices of seared tuna with sesame crust, and held the usual assortment of tiny green beans, a quartered hard boiled egg, olives, something like giant capers over a bed of lettuce -- good, but it's a Niçoise, right? The bread was good - nice chewy crust. We shared his dessert portion of pain perdu (nice, served with a bit of crème anglaise -- and probably good because it was just that nice bread, only older LOL) and we ordered coffee.

          The low point was the service: our waiter was an older mustachioed gentleman who seemed to have received orders to make clients feel like they were in Paris: he seemed un-engaged and dismissive. Our plates were practically tossed on the table. Maybe it was because we did not look like big spenders in business attire?

          The meal set us back fifty dollars without wine or alcohol. It was a good not but an amazing meal; the somewhat surly service took the shine off the decor. So I can say I've gone, but I won't recommend it.

          1. With so many really good restaurants within a 10 block radius why would anybody want to spend money in a "Disney" type theme restaurant like Pois. Don't ever forget your a Montrealer and know better than to get sucked in by "Orlando style "marketing.