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May 17, 2008 12:56 PM

Solution for gummy rice

I just made "Diva's Rescue Rice Pilaf" from the Perfect Party Food cookbook and now I'm the one who needs rescueing! I followed the simple recipe to the letter (soften onion and artichoke hearts in butter, add rice + stock, boil then simmer covered). I didn't stir/uncover during the cooking process and now it's more risotto than fluffy rice.

Is there something I can do to fix? I let it cook 10 mins more than the 25 mins the recipe indicated. I have plenty of time to do-over as my party isn't til tomorrow night, but I wouldn't know what to change. Thanks so much.

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  1. What kind of rice did you use? What was your water: rice ratio?

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      The recipe called for converted long grain rice which I used. 2 cups rice to 5 cups chicken broth. This is not the first time I've cooked a rice recipe and ended up w/gummy rice. I don't want to fall back on that Middle Eastern (I think that's the brand) rice pilaf from the grocery store which frankly I think is pretty darn good! Thanks for your help.

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        I cook regular long grain and parboiled ("converted"), using three cups liquid to two cups of rice. Bring to a boil, simmer for 20 minutes, let sit for 10.

    2. Sounds like over cooking is the culprit...Check it for doness sooner than the recipe says...You might try washing the rice in a collander until the water runs clear out of the bottom...HTH

      1. I always rinse my rice before cooking, until the rinsing water is clear not cloudy with talc. Sometimes I lightly sautee the raw rice in a few drops of oil. I aim for 1.75 cups liquid to 1 cup rice, never more than 2 cups liquid (I notice your ratio was 2.5:1 and you extended the cooking time by 40%, effectively making a thick chicken rice soup). I bring the rice to a boil and immediately lower the heat to very lowest possible simmer: 25min. for white rice, 45min. for brown. No peeking. If at the end there is a bit of excess liquid I remove the lid and let it steam off.

        1. My 2 cents is focused on your phrasing "add rice + stock". For pilafs, I have always sauteed the rice in the fat till almost taking on color, THEN add stock. The rice maintains its integrity and separateness better. Also agree with others, that the 10 extra minutes contributed. Also "boil then simmer" should be bring just to the boil, then turn down- you don't want masses of bubbles of starch coming out. Good luck.

          1. Use less water and let the rice "rest" longer after it's done cooking.