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May 17, 2008 11:19 AM

tropical / subtropical fruits at Sunnyvale Farmers' Market

[I tried to add a post to the fresh mangosteen thread, but the forum app hung and never succeeded, so I thought I'd add a new thread.]

A vendor at the Sunnyvale farmer's market sells quite a few tropical/subtropical fruits from her farm down in Palmdale...including mangosteens at $11/pound. I got one today (haven't tried it yet). I overheard that she'll be at the farmer's market tomorrow in Palo Alto (California Ave. one?).

Additional items sold, with comments on ones I've tried:

Large, round mangoes (don't know its variety): Meaty, juicy, sweet.
Longans: Kind of bland, not as aromatic as lychees or rambutans.
Rambutans: Not as fresh as they could be, but more flavorful than the longans.
Small avocadoes, half the size of Haas: Tasty, lightly nutty.
Pineapple guava/feijoas (I think!): Never ripened, hard and flavorless compared with the ones my friends grow around here. Alas!
Small yellow bananas, half the size of conventional ones: Taste the same; nice to have them grown domestically.

Future items to appear (seasonally dependent):

"Manila" mangoes, the narrower ones which look like cashews. They'll be phased in as the season for the large ones end. I usually prefer this smaller, creamier variety, so I look forward to trying them.
Sapote/mamey: I've never had these, but she plans on selling them in August.

I asked if she sold chico/chiku/sapodilla, but she didn't seem familiar with them.

Has anyone else bought fruit from this vendor? (Unfortunately, I didn't notice a farm name.)

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  1. Update: The mangosteen was tasty! Tart, sweet with a subtle aromatic hint.

    1. I tried the longon a few months back - they have an interesting fragrance that's not typically found in longono- probably has to do with how it's grown. It was not bad though.

      tried to mango at the market - thought it was rather stringy