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May 17, 2008 10:29 AM

What's good at Alta

Two of my friends and I are going to Alta...we'll probably order about two small plates each...anyone have any recommendations for what to order?

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  1. the really small plates are REALLY think about adding one each to the mix. the cheeses and cured meats are very good...had a nice duck breast on last visit that was a highlight. the cold, shaved brussels sprouts were excellent, as was this dish of scallops (three of them on the plate) with a tuna mayonnaise the two of us, neither of us huge eaters, got two rounds of three dishes to share and it was just enough.

    1. The fried goat cheese with honey is great. I also love the bacon wrapped dates and olives, as well as the chorizo wrapped shrimp.

      1. crispy brussel sprouts and goat cheese croquettes with lavendar honey. Lamb meatballs and trumpet mushrooms.

        Avoid the crab meat canneloni, beef carpaccio and the potato gratin

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          defnitely avoid the canelloni....the only dud i've had in three visits

          1. re: ginsbera

            agreed on everything above plus i like the duck confit although i generally always like duck confit

          2. Our favorites: Lamb meatballs, flatbread, philly surprise (ok, so i like cream cheese), brussels sprouts.

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              How many dishes do you recommend for a couple? Have reservations tomorrow night- can't wait!

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                I think I had 9 dishes for 3 people when I was there including drinks. Could have had 1-2 more of the smaller ones

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                  I usually do fine with 2 or 3 of the big dishes (in addition to the bacon-wrapped dates, which are a given): usually philadelphia surprise, lamb meatballs, chorizo-wrapped shrimp, avocado relleno, or brussel sprouts.

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                    One of the nice things about the restaurant is that you can order as you go. I would pick 4 things that you like to start with. Almost everything comes out quickly and so you'll be able to get started and then see how it goes . . . after that order 2 things at a time until you've had your fill. The last time we went i think two of us put away about 9 or 10 plates (tee hee) but we were starving and we ordered some of the smaller dishes.

                2. The mussels are great, and the chorizo wrapped shrimp as well. I liked the trumpet mushrooms, but I was the only one in my group who did.