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May 17, 2008 10:05 AM

Squash Taco Catering or Pupusa Catering

Hi All,

I thought I could escape a big wedding party. But no such luck!! le sigh...

So now we are doing a big party for around a 150 people and want to hire someone to make some yummy tacos or pupusas or both would be awesome.

I really wanted one of our favorite places to make tacos because I LOVE that they mix in veggies with the meats "if you like" or just a veggie taco. Nice for our Veggie friends. But, they want around $3000(the amount includes grat). They said they'll do quesadillas and chilaquiles as well. I know they do everything very fresh and make everything on site, but it seems like so much $$.

Does anyone else know a caterer that will do vegetable tacos in addition to al pastor and the usual? I would be open to pupusas too! Was thinking of asking the pupusa people at the Hollywood Farmers if they cater...

Any advice and thanks so much!

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  1. My wife asked the Pupusa Lady a while back if she does events, like for our kids' school's Spring Festival kinda thing, and she and her son said, "yes." They told us that they have three (or four?) pupusa setups that covers a fair amount of So Cal's farmers markets and other goings-on. I am sure they can accommodate you but I can't say how they would charge for a party or reception.