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May 17, 2008 09:44 AM

Where to find red snapper filets?

I'm looking for red snapper filets for fish tacos - any recommendations? Whole Foods was willing to filet a whole snapper for me, but it would have been about $24 for a pound of filets, which seems a little high...


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  1. Reading your other posts, it looks like you live around JP, so this may be a bit of a schlep, but here's a thread from yesterday saying that Market Basket in Somerville has red snapper in its "exotic fish" section:

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    1. re: finlero

      You beat me to it by ten minutes, I did indeed see red snapper at MB in Somerville,

    2. I bought a whole red snapper the other day...about 2 lbs..$14. I had it scaled/gutted and cooked it whole on the grill but Courthouse Seafood would have happily filleted it.

      1. I've seen it at the Super 88 in Packard's Corner.

        1. most of the asian groceries (Kam Man, Mings, 88, Battambang) carry red snapper pretty often. Sold whole at around $5.99/lb, they usually weigh around 1.5-2 lb, and the counter will cut it any way you like.

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            Thanks for all of your suggestions! I was a little too lazy to drive to Cambridge/Somerville, but made it to Wellesley to Captain Marden's - at $18.99, it's no bargain, but at least I have it, and it's very fresh. Good to know about some alternatives that are much less expensive.