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May 17, 2008 09:27 AM

Ajanta this month

Howdy folks,
Just wanted to share a few menu items that really stood out from a few weeks ago:
Tandoori Asparagus (probably the last month until next spring)
Tandoori Scallops
(forgot the first part) Shrimp Curry
Getting their e-newsletter every month is awesome. I wish I could eat there every week!
BTW, they carry a Navarro Edelweiser (Gewurztraminer, Riesling, Pinot Gris)
that I find is a wonderful addtion to the meal. Crisp, friuty with just a little sweetness.(1.6%) ($12 +shiping)

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    1. The chicken pistachio korma, on the current menu, is my favorite Ajanta dish of all time.

      1. link

        Ajanta Restaurant
        1888 Solano Ave, Berkeley, CA 94707